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Receiver Mount Bike Rack - Track Bicycle Parts - Chopper Stingray Bike

Receiver Mount Bike Rack

receiver mount bike rack

    bike rack
  • The stand that holds bicycles in place in the transition area so a competitor can quickly get on his / her bike.

  • telephone receiver: earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds

  • liquidator: (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties

  • The part of a telephone apparatus contained in the earpiece, in which electrical signals are converted into sounds

  • set that receives radio or tv signals

  • A complete telephone handset

  • A piece of radio or television apparatus that detects broadcast signals and converts them into visible or audible form

  • A clear plastic or paper sleeve used to display a postage stamp

  • A glass microscope slide for securing a specimen to be viewed

  • A backing or setting on which a photograph, gem, or work of art is set for display

  • attach to a support; "They mounted the aerator on a floating"

  • saddle horse: a lightweight horse kept for riding only

  • climb: the act of climbing something; "it was a difficult climb to the top"



This will be the receiver for the 7 guns I am going to make in the next few weeks.

Untill I have finished them all, you can only guess what they will all look like.
I'm going to release them one by one, so your jaw will fall of 7 times =P

Credit: Wylee for his grip.

Feel free to comment or add notes.

commuter details

commuter details

it's his only bike so it's all decked out with the aero wheel and rack and two power meters. not so much into racing any more, motivated by just riding to work!

receiver mount bike rack

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