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6 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule

6 month old baby sleep schedule

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42 Months

42 Months

Best large.

42 Months

A memorial conceived & organized by Rose Anne Featherston

Which took place Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Bellingham, Washington

The local artist, Rose Anne Featherston, along with about 260 volunteers, drew 2,664 chalk outlines of soldiers killed in Iraq on 26 lineal blocks of sidewalks in the downtown area. Ms Featherston stated plainly that no political statement nor protest was intended. She said, "I hope to unite the community in this tribute to & recognition of the sacrifice made by the 2,633-plus U.S. servicepersons who have died in the war in Iraq. May this also honor their families. In addition, '42 Months' is a tribute to the 41,000 - 45,000 civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq." The event was approved by the city, & remained on display till washed away in the past few days by the first end of Summer & beginning of Fall rains.

I started photographing the event just past 9:00AM when it started, & quit shooting at about noon as people began arriving to see the drawings & remember the dead.

Most of the seventy-four pictures here are treated in saturated black & white, which makes them rather painful to look at, as looking at them should be.


Catherine at 11 months

Catherine at 11 months

At 11 months, Catherine continues to be a sweet baby who is easy to please.

She's still nursing but also eating 3-5 meals a day, lots of fruit, veggies, cheese, yogurt, crackers, pasta, chicken, fish, basically whatever we're eating. Even total strangers remark, "what a good eater!"

She gets her bath at 6 and is down for the night around 7. She sleeps all night and wakes around 6. Naps are less predictable but with 2 older siblings and a shifting schedule, that's to be expected. Her sleeping schedule makes me very happy.

She is crawling all over the place, sometimes venturing into dark rooms to explore. Lots of pulling herself up to stand and some standing unassisted, too.

Fun fact: At 11 months old, Catherine has already been to Disneyland twice.

6 month old baby sleep schedule

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