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Cheap Preemie Baby Clothes

cheap preemie baby clothes

    preemie baby
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cheap preemie baby clothes - Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Doll Blonde Girl

Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Doll Blonde Girl

For the first time ever, the original 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids are back to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Just as you remember them, these Kids have their original faces, hair and fashions. Comes with a commemorative silver anniversary spoon and collector packaging. Find the one that's just right for you. Measures 16"H.

The Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Edition doll is just as cuddly and fun to play with as her popular predecessors. Girls ages three and up will love changing her diaper, tying her shoes, and playing with her long, silky hair. Like other Cabbage Patch Kids, this doll comes with "Official Adoption Papers" that kids can sign, making them feel like a real parent.

This Cabbage Patch Kid comes with "Official Adoption Papers". View larger.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Cuddly yet durable

The Bad: White dress and shoes will get dirty easily

In a Nutshell: A great companion that teaches real-life skills
At a Glance

Ages: 3 and up

Constant Companion
This Cabbage Patch Kid, like those who came before her, is sturdy and durable enough for your child to take everywhere. Her white dress and shoes might get dirty at times, but she comes with red plaid shorts that are suitable for playing outside. Little girls will enjoy hours of fun playing with her long, silky hair made of soft yarn.
Soft, Cuddly, and Sweet
The Cabbage Patch Kids have captured hearts for years with their sweet, well-dressed, "adoptable" dolls. The "Official Adoption Paper" and "Birth Certificate" makes kids feel as if they are truly adopting a child. Like real parents, girls can feed the doll with her special spoon and change her diaper. When it's time for bed, they can undress her. A Velcro tab on the doll's dress helps little hands to remove it, and other items of clothing come off easily. Kids can also tie and untie her shoes, learning real-life skills in the process.
Always Ready for a Hug
We loved how this chubby, cuddly doll is flexible yet not floppy. Her sweet smile also appealed to us and so did her outstretched arms, which make her look as if she is always ready for a hug. She is fairly easy to dress and undress. Just as in real life, however, it can be challenging to pull her dress off over her head and put it back on. And this cute white dress will get dirty fast. But that won't stop your little girl from taking this doll everywhere, or from learning real-life skills as she cares for her Cabbage Patch Kid.
What's in the Box
Cabbage Patch Kids doll with removable clothes and shoes, Birth Certificate, Official Adoption Paper, and spoon.

83% (10)

Top Down Preemie Baby Hat

Top Down Preemie Baby Hat

I started this out of what baby cashmerino I had left. It wasn't enough. So I'm trying to decide which to trim it in - the plain softee baby, or the glittery baby yarn. Hmmmm....

Preemie Baby Bear Hat

Preemie Baby Bear Hat

I made this for my baby coming this fall :) I got the tutorial from Squishy Chocolate. I used 100% cotton worsted weight cotton and a 4.25 mm crochet hook.

cheap preemie baby clothes

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