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Best Song To Have As A Ringtone

best song to have as a ringtone

    best song
  • The Academy Award for Best Original Song is one of the awards given annually to people working in the motion picture industry by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). It is presented to the songwriters who have composed the best original song written specifically for a film.

  • "The Best" is a song written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight, originally included on Bonnie Tyler's 1988 release Hide Your Heart, in reference to Tom Mason. The song was then recorded and released as a highly successful single by Tina Turner in 1989 on her hit album Foreign Affair.

  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

  • Ringtone is a 2010 Malayalam film by Ajmal starring Suresh Gopi, Bala and debutant Megha Nair.

  • A sound made by a mobile phone when an incoming call is received

  • Internet Leaks is the third EP from "Weird Al" Yankovic. It was released digitally on August 25, 2009, although all of the songs were initially released as separate digital singles between October 2008 and August 2009.

Inuyasha Best Song History [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Inuyasha Best Song History [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Inuyasha Best Song History [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Catalog No. AVCA-29654
JAN 4988064296545
Number of discs 3
Item weight 280g
Label/Distributor avex trax
Format CD
Release Date 2010/03/24
Format CD
Release Date 2010/03/24
Listen to Samples

Japanese English
2. [Disc 1] My will/ dream [Disc 1] MY WILL/ dream
3. [Disc 1] ???/ Do As Infinity [Disc 1] FUKAI MORI/ Do As Infinity
4. [Disc 1] I am/ hitomi [Disc 1] I AM/ hitomi
5. [Disc 1] Dearest/ ????? [Disc 1] DEAREST/ HAMASAKI AYUMI
6. [Disc 1] Every Heart -???????-/ BoA [Disc 1] EVERY HEART -MINNA NO KIMOCHI-/ BoA
7. [Disc 1] ??????/ ???? [Disc 1] OWARINAI YUME/ AIKAWA NANASE
8. [Disc 1] ????/ Do As Infinity [Disc 1] SHINJITSU NO UTA/ Do As Infinity
9. [Disc 1] Grip!/ Every Little Thing [Disc 1] GRIP!/ Every Little Thing
10. [Disc 1] ?????KISS/ day after tomorrow [Disc 1] ITAZURA NA KISS/ day after tomorrow
11. [Disc 1] ??????????????? (ONE VERSION)/ ????&? [Disc 1] SOTSUGYOU-SAYONARA HA ASHITA NO TAME NI-/ TACKEY & TSUBASA
12. [Disc 1] One Day,One Dream/ ????&? [Disc 1] ONE DAY.ONE DREAM/ TACKEY & TSUBASA
13. [Disc 1] Come/ ????? [Disc 1] COME/ AMURO NAMIE
14. [Disc 1] ANGELUS-??????-/ ????? [Disc 1] ANGELUS/ SHIMATANI HITOMI
15. [Disc 1] Brand-New World/ V6 [Disc 1] BRAND-NEW WORLD/ V6
16. [Disc 2] ???????/ Do As Infinity [Disc 2] KIMI GA INAI MIRAI/ Do As Infinity
17. [Disc 2] With you/ AAA [Disc 2] WITH YOU/ AAA
18. [Disc 2] Diamond/ alan [Disc 2] DIAMOND/ alan
19. [Disc 2] ??????/ ???? [Disc 2] TOOI MICHI NO SAKI DE/ TAKEKAWA AI
20. [Disc 2] ????????? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] SAISHUUWA SUB TITLE
21. [Disc 2] ???? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] NARAKU NO SHI
22. [Disc 2] ??????? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] OWARI NAKI TATAKAI
23. [Disc 2] ?????? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] INUYASHA NO OMOI
24. [Disc 2] ??????? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] SHIKON NO TAMA NO SAIGO
25. [Disc 2] ??? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] SANNEN GO
26. [Disc 2] ???? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] HOSHIZORA NO SHITA
27. [Disc 2] ??? (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] ASHITA HE
28. [Disc 2] ???? (Special Bonus Track) (Bonus Track#1/???? ????)BGM?) [Disc 2] INUYASHA DEN
29. [Disc 2] no more words (Bonus Track#2/?? ????????)/ ????? [Disc 2] NO MORE WORDS/ HAMASAKI AYUMI
30. [Disc 2] ???? (Bonus Track#2/?? ????????)/ Every Little Thing [Disc 2] YURAYURA/ Every Little Thing
31. [Disc 2] ??? (Bonus Track#2/?? ????????)/ Every Little Thing [Disc 2] AI NO UTA/ Every Little Thing
32. [Disc 2] Four Seasons (Bonus Track#2/?? ????????)/ ????? [Disc 2] FOUR SEASONS/ AMURO NAMIE
33. [Disc 2] ?? (Bonus Track#2/?? ????????)/ Do As Infinity [Disc 2] RAKUEN/ Do As Infinity
35. [Disc 3] My will/ dream [Disc 3] MY WILL/ dream
36. [Disc 3] ???/ Do As Infinity [Disc 3] FUKAI MORI/ Do As Infinity
37. [Disc 3] I am/ hitomi [Disc 3] I AM/ hitomi
38. [Disc 3] Dearest/ ????? [Disc 3] DEAREST/ HAMASAKI AYUMI
39. [Disc 3] Every Heart -???????-/ BoA [Disc 3] EVERY HEART -MINNA NO KIMOCHI-/ BoA
40. [Disc 3] ??????/ ???? [Disc 3] OWARINAI YUME/ AIKAWA NANASE
41. [Disc 3] ????/ Do As Infinity [Disc 3] SHINJITSU NO UTA/ Do As Infinity
42. [Disc 3] Grip!/ Every Little Thing [Disc 3] GRIP!/ Every Little Thing
43. [Disc 3] ?????KISS/ day after tomorrow [Disc 3] ITAZURA NA KISS/ day after tomorrow
44. [Disc 3] One Day,One Dream/ ????&? [Disc 3] ONE DAY.ONE DREAM/ TACKEY & TSUBASA
45. [Disc 3] Come/ ????? [Disc 3] COME/ AMURO NAMIE
46. [Disc 3] ANGELUS-??????-/ ????? [Disc 3] ANGELUS/ SHIMATANI HITOMI
47. [Disc 3] Brand-New World/ V6 [Disc 3] BRAND-NEW WORLD/ V6
48. [Disc 3] ???????/ Do As Infinity [Disc 3] KIMI GA INAI MIRAI/ Do As Infinity
49. [Disc 3] With you/ AAA [Disc 3] WITH YOU/ AAA
50. [Disc 3] Diamond/ alan [Disc 3] DIAMOND/ alan
51. [Disc 3] ??????/ ???? [Disc 3] TOOI MICHI NO SAKI DE/ TAKEKAWA AI
52. [Disc 3] ???? ??????????? [Disc 3] [INUYASHA KANKETSU HEN]TRAILER EIZOU

If you cant dance just wiggle your tootsies.

If you cant dance just wiggle your tootsies.

Got to Give it Up- Marvin Gaye

Open with an odd one... a particularly long song, but FUNKY AS FUCK! Mmmmm. And the sentiment is sweet, and like myself, basically he used to go to parties and be too shy to "give it up' and dance... but learnt that you just gotta. TARANTISM. I and i deny you not to give it up and wiggle those hips a little when listening to this! So should be a good opener.

Also considered sunny by marv or ain't no mountain high enough. He is also ashamedly the only representative of the soul greats on this comp. Big props to Stevie Curtis, Herbie, Bill and the rest.... Love you guys, you make my life worthwhile!

True Skool-Coldcut featuring Roots Manuva

Just a FUCKING AWESOME TUNE. from the start all the way through. Coldcut at there best.. And everything Mr Manuva touches turns to Gold. This is such a repeatable tune!

Could have had a number of other tunes from Manuva MC, particuarlly Witness or dreamy days, which is quite sublime.

Get a Move on-Mr. Scruff

Just do... get a moove on, longer than i thought, but a great tune! Always!

Al;so worth notoing the greatness of Mr Scruff's UG

DJ format featuring abdominal "I'm good"

Best turntable and Emceeing skill going for my mind. and the title is obviously quite appropriate!

"Ohmega Watts" "That sound"

Grate tune, a new introduction... big thanks to the funky white boy, bit of agrower, but cool intelligent well produced hip-hop. And the refernce to Jam master J is so worthy!

Also the sun setting song on this album is a good laid back tune.

coffee in the pot-Supergrass
A lovely interlude. Supergrass haven't put a foot wrong in over 10 years, deserve so much credit.

Other great supergrass tunes include the obvious but particularly sitting up straight, she's so loose and b-sides off pumping on your stereo... Sick and you'll never walk again. Also as an intermission track i'd've licked to include would be soul limbo by booker t and the MG's, used to be the track they used for the cricket. lovely stuff.

Lookin' out my back door: Creedence Clearwater revival

Coz i am a dude, wanting to be THE Dude. Great tune, great movie, great scene, great album, great band.

Here as a replacement is the possibility of either just stopped in (to see what condition my condition was in) which is classic, or Lujon or Heard it through the grapevine by CCR which is one of the most accomplished Covers ever!

Stereotype-The Specials

Listen to the lyrics and you'll understand. So autobiographical it hurts. Also considered Alcohol or too much too young or friday night, saturday morning... But this beat them all. Lovin’ the 2 tone

little wing-Jimi Hendrix

killing floor - howling Wolf
The Original and still the best. Classically covered as the Lemon Song by the Zep!

Ramble On; led zeppelin
Partly to do with the whole travellin’ on thing etc, but it also is probably my TOP rock song ever! In the words of Bob Dylan “Play it Fuckin’ LOUD”

You can't go home again DJ Shadow

Notice another reference to the moving on / travelling thing. But this also a very cruisy nice tune, head bobby indeed.

March of the swivelheads-The Beat

You may well remember this from the end sequence in Ferris Buller when he is chasing his parents home. Wicked tune as well. Took a bit of tracking down.

Change(Letterman show -Blind Melon

Need an entry from Blind Melon in somewhere.. I like the version iof this song, also the Change blah blah, what with change of situation and everything!

If you want me to Stay: sly & the Family
Best song EVER" FACT, well opinion actually!

If I could only listen to 1 song for the rest of my life… this would be it. No. 1. and has been for a very long time!

best song to have as a ringtone

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