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Free toys samples. Bakugan toys australia

Free Toys Samples

free toys samples

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Tagged by elbie!

Tagged by elbie!

Thank you Elle for tagging me!

1. What is your favourite doll from your personal collection?
I have a soft spot for Grace since she was my first girl and CS's are usually overlooked.

When I was tagged I quickly made Grace a white bunny to hold (although here he looks a bit like a dirty rag), because my favourite toy growing up was a rabbit called Tommy, (originally Rabbit from TV programme Old Bear). She also has messy hair (a typical Emma trait) and is by the window, where it is dull and rainy (a typical England trait).

Ronke is a close second though since she has the strongest personality of my girls- as soon as got her I noticed that her eyelids were slightly lower than usual, giving her a disdainful look that always makes me laugh. She is also named after my aunt.

2. Favorite BL release?
I don't know my BL's very well but I've always liked the look of Kozy Kape.

3. Favorite EBL release?
Fruit Punch possibly.

4. Favorite SBL release?
Agh, pretty please can I have three? Mademoiselle Rosebud, Can Can Cat and Rainy Day Parade.

5. Favorite RBL release?
This is tough since all my girls are RBLs. Aside from them, I really like Sunshine Holiday, Heather Sky and Princess a La Mode.

6. List your 3 favorite customizers for Blythe.
Vainilla Dolly, Ragazza, Sammydoe

7. List your 3 favorite clothing designers for Blythe.
House of Pinku, Poupee Mecanique, SqueakyMonkey

8. What would you like to see CWC/Takara come out with in the near future?
Free samples? :3

9. How did you get into Blythe?
I came across her by chance on the internet with no tags or brand name by the picture, then spent about a week googling "big headed doll" etc, and eventually found her :)

10. What do you collect other than Blythe?
Well I have two Monster High dolls but I'm trying my hardest not to buy any more.

I collect DVDs, if you could call it that. I am on a mission to have all of the pre-2000s Disney films, all Marilyn Monroe films, all films in imdb's "Top 250" list and all Johnny Depp films.

I also have a huge ever-growing pile of magazines and magazine cuttings waiting to be used or thrown out.

And now to tag somebody...
obsessivelystitching, a newish contact with lots of cute Blythes- hope you don't mind!

Centauress Nephele and Anak

Centauress Nephele and Anak

This is Nephele (which means cloud nymph), and her Familiar, Anak (child of Krakatau). Anak and Nephele live in the lava fields of Kilauea on the Big Island, Hawaii. They are an ancient race that once roamed wild and free throughout the continents. Now they are only remembered in Legends. They have adapted and survive in extremely harsh conditions. They survive because there is little or no intrusion from the outside world. They are the colors of the lava flows, the ash and vapors that surround them. Nephele's familiar, Anak, has similar characteristics and coloring that she has. Anak and Nephele communicate with one another through their horns. Nephele is very vain and, of course, her pride is her mane and tail which she is constantly grooming. Occassionally, a volcanologist comes their way to take lava samples. When this happens, they can sense someone is coming through their hooves and disappear long before they arrive.. So if you travel throughout the world and find yourselves in the wild places, take a good look around, you may be awed by what you can find and what you can see.

The centaur was inspired by dolls offered by Beth Webber. Beth offers her dolls, tutorials and many other beautiful items for free on her blog byhookbyhand.blogspot.com/. Go visit her and be inspired by this very talented and generous doll maker.

free toys samples

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