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Lake water toys - Dog toys made in usa

Lake Water Toys

lake water toys

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Water Toys

Water Toys

Lake Merced, San Francisco, Apr 2011

I spotted these floating nearby the pier. I thought the thick fog would help to hide the background detail and focus attention on the boats. There was a composition with the boats and a pier on the other side of the lake but the rowing club was setting up for their morning practice so this shot was going to have to do.

All comments, critiques and feedback both positive and negative welcome.

Technical info:
- Canon 5D mark 2
- Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
- 3.2s @ f/16, ISO 100
- Lee 2 stop ND
- Lee 2 stop soft GND
- Adobe Photoshop CS5
- Silver Efex Pro 2



She wasn't a happy danbo that day. Or maybe the water was just too cold and she was mad about having to get in there?

lake water toys

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