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Repair cracked plaster : Marshall amp repairs

Repair Cracked Plaster

repair cracked plaster

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1986 Pearl Waters

1986 Pearl Waters

From "News from Home", Tulsa Boys' Home newsletter (1986):

August 18, 1986, marked a special day for a special lady. Mrs. Pearl Waters, founder of the Women's and Junior Women's Associations of Tulsa Boys' Home, celebrated her 92nd birthday. In 1938, Mrs. Waters and a group of her friends formed the "Buttercups", an organization dedicated to buttering bread for the boys at Tulsa Boys' Home.

From the "Buttercups" evolved the Women's Association. Original board members included Mrs. Herb B. Smith and Mrs. Waters as President. The Junior Women's Association followed in 1939. These two groups donated their time and talents to providing a homelike atmosphere for Tulsa Boys' Home children. They raised funds to repair cracked plaster in The Home, install proper lighting facilities, purchase beds and linens, and replace the boy's shabby clothing.

Today's mission has not changed significantly. The Women's Association is devoted to maintaining a building fund, redecorating and furnishing the boy's cottages, contributing to the teenager's RACE Program, and other special need projects. The Junior Women are actively involved in the boy's holiday and birthday celebrations, serving as aides in the summer LUV Program, donating athletic equipment, and tutoring the students with special educational needs.

For the past 48 years, Mrs. Waters and those women who have followed her have been responsible for meeting many of the needs of the boys at Tulsa Boys' Home. Mrs. Waters, Happy, Happy Birthday and many, many thanks for all that you and the Women and Junior Women's Associations have done for Tulsa Boys' Home.

Bathroom all repaired!

Bathroom all repaired!

As I type, it is now January 2006 and I've (occasionally) had a builder refurbishing my flat since August 2005. My five-room flat. I could've done the whole thing in a week or two off work.

No more peeling paint or cracked plaster.

repair cracked plaster

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