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Sample diets for weight loss - Weight loss spa treatments.

Sample Diets For Weight Loss

sample diets for weight loss

    weight loss
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Day 126/365: RIP, Rick Rypien

Day 126/365: RIP, Rick Rypien

Every year, it's inevitable that the hockey world loses some of its own - after all, the NHL has been around for nearly 100 years, and that makes for a lot of alumni.

It is far more shocking when players still in the prime of their careers are taken from the sport, their friends and family, their fans, their lives. Yet this years has had a dark pall, as three NHL players died - at least one by their own hands - since January.

The first was Tom Cavanagh, 28, who played most of his career in the AHL but did appear in 18 games for the San Jose Sharks. Cavanagh died via suicide in Providence, RI.

Derek Boogaard, also 28, known by the nickname "Boogeyman", had played both for the Minnesota Wild and the New York Rangers. Boogaard's death was ruled as an accidential overdose of a combination of alcohol and oxycodone, a painkiller. Despite Boogaard's reputation as one of the most intimidating players in the NHL, he was a beloved fan favorite on both teams he'd played for. It was revealed that Boogaard was in the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse & Behavioral Health Program prior to his death for

On August 15th, the news broke that Rick Rypien, 27, who had recently signed with the Winnepeg Jets, was found dead in his apartment in Alberta. Although Rypien died as a member of the Jets organization, he had spent his entire career with the Vancouver Canucks, both in their farm system and on their NHL team, so despite carrying the "former Canuck" label, he will always be remembered as a Canuck.

The Canucks issued a statement on Monday:

“It is with tremendous sadness that the Vancouver Canucks confirm the passing of Rick Rypien. Rick has been a beloved member of the Canucks family for the past six years. Rick was a great teammate and friend to our players, coaches and staff. We send our deepest condolences to the Rypien family at this most difficult time.”

His new team, the Jets, also issued a statement:

"We are deeply saddened to confirm Rick's passing. As many people are aware, he had strong ties to True North Sports & Entertainment, the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club, the former Manitoba Moose Hockey Club and the Vancouver Canucks. We would like to express our sincere sympathies to the Rypien family as well as Rick's friends. We also appreciate all of the support that has come pouring in from Rick's fans. Rick was a talented player with an extremely bright future. His hunger for the game made him a valued team member both on and off the ice. This loss has impacted us as more than just a hockey team."

After the news broke, Twitter lit up with commentary from players and fans alike, expressing sympathy, regrets, and respect for Rypien. A few samples:

Andrew Ladd / WPG (@aladd16) - Sad to hear about Rick Rypien. I was looking forward to playing with him in Winnipeg. Thoughts are with his family and friends #RIPRypien

Ryan Jones / EDM (@jonesry28) - Sad to hear about the loss of another great guy... condolences to the friends and family of Rick Rypien. RIP

Mike Commodore / DET (@commie22) - RIP Rick Rypien. He was a warrior. Hit me so hard my eyes couldn't focus for 30 secs. Not sure if it was a left or right. #hitmewithboth

George Parros / ANA (@Stache16) - Damn... Rick Rypien will be missed. He was the nicest guy, hung with him a few times in VAN...tough as all hell too. Thoughts to his fam

Rypien had taken two personal leave of absences from the Canucks; after returning to pro hockey this spring, he had signed a 1-year contract with the Jets. Local police termed it as "non-suspicious, sudden death"; News 1130 in Vancouver initially reported it as a suicide and later revised it to match police reports.

It was rumored that Rypien might be battling mental issues. If speculation turns out to be true and Rypien took his own life, it shines a light on what has been a dark issue for the NHL this year.

While Rypien was widely regarded for his toughness, he gained a bit of notoriety early last season during a game at Minneapolis' Xcel Center, grabbing a fan in the stands, for which he was suspended for several games. He took his second LOA not long after this incident; and was eventually sent down to finish out the season with the Manitoba Moose.

Depression all too easily gets brushed aside and is not regarded seriously enough until something as drastic as a person taking their own life. People who do not suffer from it think that others can "just snap out of it" or can easily be cheered up, but there are many different levels of depression, and it is probably one of the most misunderstood ailments that is far more common than most realize.

You may have friends or family that you suspect are depressed but find it hard to broach the subject with them. People who are mildly depressed - those who are still functional despite their internal strles - are very good at hiding their symptoms to outsiders

sample diets for weight loss

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