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recover my photo

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My Earthquake Story

My Earthquake Story

This Photo was taken by my wife yesterday. I was watching waves smashing in front of me, while contemplating the events of the past two weeks, past month, past 6 months, thinking about the 3 earthquakes, the tsunami, thinking about my story.
I've been wanting to post an image that best shows how I've felt about the earthquake here, and the one back in Japan, but I think this one best tells my story.

After spending the past 2 weeks here in Christchurch, me and my wife went away for the day yesterday to one of our favourite little spots in Christchurch. Away from the aftershocks, the news, and the stories for a few hours. I had plenty of time to sit and think, and plenty of things to think about. The past month has been the strangest month in my life. I have spent a lot of time listening to stories, earthquake stories. I think it's a big part of natural disasters, listening to others stories.

We are Flying back to Japan tomorrow. Looking forward to opening the front door and seeing how the plants and goldfish are doing. Looking forward to the mundane things like morning walks, bird watching, work, and cooking.
But at the same time a little nervous about the nuclear situation, and wondering what the rolling power cuts are going to mean to our everyday lives over the coming year. We have bought a new lantern and stocked up on batteries (all sold out in Japan). But still, looking forward to going back.

Christchurch is a real mess, worse than I had seen on TV, worse than I could capture in my photos. I'm hoping the damage in Japan won't surprise me the same way. I am more worried about how Christchurch will recover than how Japan will though. I saw Kobe recover from the 1995 quake. I've visited friends in Shikoku that have had their house flooded out 3 times. I know how good the Japanese are at getting on with life after Natural disasters. I worry about how New Zealand will. But I look forward to the day when I can think back at the events of this past month and see how both Japan and New Zealand grew from them.

Kia kaha. Ganbare.

recovered friendster (nostalgia)

recovered friendster (nostalgia)

technically my name is daniel but i like danny better. for a period of time in high school i secretly hoped that "dan the man" would catch on. now people say my name like a sing-song from childhood: dannydanny.

i'm a mix of almost everything. my tastes are as wide as summer days -- sun and heat stretching slow until some storm comes and changes the tone of everything. i list my favorites like trading cards (poets: dickinson, dickey, larkin, yeats; artists: neel, goya, bob ross, klimt, kiki smith). i write a lot but show little of it to people. i talk a lot but am better in writing. i miss a lot of things from the past: sprinklers, carbs, self-assured idealism. i'm looking forward to the future: a victorian house somewhere in north caroline, a weimeraner named after an esoteric historical figure (spinoza?), and a sleigh bed that fits two. i like thoughtful things, sad things (like those spanish songs where the guy sings about his life without her) and i hate pretense or artifice of any kind. the outside of me is crate and barrel; the inside of me is as ugly and sharp and glimmery as a stalactite. i'm studying art and visual culture and the theory that surrounds all that. i cook things, roast red peppers and marinate onions in balsamic vinegar or make thai curries in the blender. i'm gay. i like pretty things, i try to keep my eyes out for as many of them as i can. the last beautiful thing i saw was a pair of car lights on the road ahead of me tonight, soft and hazy. if i could have a superpower i would want to fly. i have never seen snow.

recover my photo

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