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Funny Photo Widget

funny photo widget

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Yes. I touched the iPhone! I touched it!
Despite all the stuff written about it, when I saw the box, I thought...mmm...a model...and not in scale...pfff...

Then I scored the iPhone from hands of press photographers and played around
Safari - works without complains, but the "photoshop's transparent" pattern is sometimes funny. It's hell fast, faster than my iBook on digg.
Camera - hey, it takes pictures, what else you need. Mailing them in 20 seconds to friend. Mission acomplished.
Maps - yeah, maps, they work, nothing to say here...they load fucking fast on WiFi
Mail - no accounts set up, will return for that .
YouTube - the videos seem to be 194023 times better than the flash crap they have on web :(
Clock - doesn't tick like the dashboard widget, but the timer rolling rocks! :D
iPod - no music yet, to be seen tomorrow

I thought "screen is simulated" will be running somewhere in my vision, but it's so crisp even with sun behind you...and where are the pixels, you lost 'em Apple! Give is pixels, can't see them!
Then the staff turned off the auto brigtness and turned it all the way up...erh...paper photos look lame now ;)


Anyway, it wasn't anyhow proctected, I just asked for it and it was given to me. It's not being displayed anywhere in the store, not even a sign. Just a simple blogpost on their web. something like "We've got the iPhone...and we know you wanna see it."

I'll drag crowds to see this amazing iPod!! :)

anyway, thank you mr. unknown canadian owner who brought it to czech republic and lend it to the Apple Centre. You made my day. I mean days. Everyday I'll see it :P

I wish that I had known . . .

I wish that I had known . . .

This wonderful site has managed to take over my life. I don't think it would have helped to have been clearly warned of the risks, but just in case it could help someone, this is how a warning label might read. However, if you are reading this, the chances are it's too late... ; )

Here is the text for translation via Lauguage Tools/widget:

Flickr is highly addictive!
If you have ambitions of doing anything else with your life besides photoblogging for the foreseeable future, please use this product with extreme caution! Signs of addiction include: Having an endless, obsessive routine of updating your photo stream until all hours; commenting relentlessly on your contact’s and other’s images; favoriting thousands of images and checking obsessively whether or not you’ve achieved Interestingness, usually at the expense of time that could be spent with loved ones, friends and doing your job. If you experience any of these symptoms for prolonged periods, please seek immediate medical attention. Use only as directed.

(PS — Admins: If this seems out of place, please feel free to remove from the pool... although you might drop me a line, just so I don't accidentally re-post it. Thanks.)

funny photo widget

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