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Sump Pump Water Table : Pump Jack For Sale.

Sump Pump Water Table

sump pump water table

    water table
  • The water table is the level at which the groundwater pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure. It may be conveniently visualized as the 'surface' of the groundwater in a given vicinity. It usually coincides approximately with the 'phreatic surface', but can be many feet above it.

  • underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water; "spring rains had raised the water table"

  • A water table is a masonry architectural feature that consists of a projecting course that deflects water running down the face of a building away from lower courses or the foundation.

  • The level below which the ground is saturated with water

    sump pump
  • (Sump Pumps) Sump pumps are responsible for pumping excess ground water from the basement to the outside of the home. For those of you that have ever experience water back up in your basement, you know all about how much cleaning is involved and how much damage can be caused.

  • A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump pit, commonly found in the basement of homes.

  • a suction pump for removing liquid from a sump

unlikely trophy

unlikely trophy

Day two hundred two/365.
I remember when the first Star Wars movie came out. We heard stories of how long people waited in line at the theater, and how many times they saw the film.

Today, people literally camp outside stores in anticipation of the release of a new video game. After all, quantities are limited and they must have the game the first day it's available. And, the price really doesn't matter.

When we were anticipating Y2K, many residents in this area were purchasing electric generators, to the point at which there was a shortage.

Now, the coveted item in Northeastern Pennsylvania is the sump pump. The ice and snow have been melting quickly in the warmer temperatures and heavy rain. The water table is high and basements are flooded.

A large storm, on its way up the coast, will dump rain on us late tomorrow. The already-saturated ground and the swollen creeks cannot take more. And, the home improvement stores are out of sump pumps.

But, I got one today! I've never before participated in the competition to purchase what people are crazy to obtain. This time, I did! What a rush!

Isn't it a beautiful trophy?

John works hard to keep the rain out of our house.

John works hard to keep the rain out of our house.

Adjusting the downspout and sump pump extension hoses so the water flows far, far away, instead of right back into the basement. I'm so grateful he is so conscientious about this!

I kept my eye on the gully beside the road. When it fills, it means the water table is so high we need to worry about the basement.

I hate living in a floodplain.

sump pump water table

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