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Up to date hockey scores. Hockey girdle.

Up To Date Hockey Scores

up to date hockey scores

    hockey scores
  • "Hockey Scores" was a song entered in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's contest to replace The Hockey Theme as the theme song of Hockey Night in Canada.

    to date
  • up to now: prior to the present time; "no suspect has been found to date"

  • The ending date of the date range for when a permit reaches a particular milestone. Applicable only when a milestone is specified for a search. The acceptable formats are mm/dd/yyyy, mm.dd.yyyy, and mm-dd-yyyy. A value must also be provided in the Date From: field (see before).

"Cloud, look!"-- a Tribute to Golden Saucer Date

inspired by the famous date sequence from final fantasy vii
i could have used Tifa but idk, Yuffie (i dont own her play arts), or Barret (no play arts T.T) but i feel like choosing Aerith instead. since she has the highest affinity points with Cloud from the beginning of the game (dont make sense, i know xD)

anyway, for those who have played this game, how was your date? i never really focus on the date and i always get Aerith -___- i always choose the best answer for everyone (yay for high affinity points!) so that Cloud is close enough with all his teammates xD

feel free to leave some comments! any comments will be appreciated xD

Cloud Strife - Cloud & Hardy Daytona - Final Fantasy VII Play Arts
Aerith Gainsborough - Final Fantasy VII Play Arts

i miss you chicago.

i miss you chicago.

this is from august 2007.
when i was dating someone who lived close to chicago.
i freaking love this city.
freaking loved visiting there.

in some ways i'm glad he lived so far away [from seattle], so that i got to travel.
i love flying.

i miss the city. i'm going to go back sometime and explore more.
do the things we didnt have time to.

up to date hockey scores

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