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Buy Sterling Silver Chains

buy sterling silver chains

buy sterling silver chains - Body Jewelry

Body Jewelry Sterling Silver Belly Chain Length 30.75 inches

Body Jewelry Sterling Silver Belly Chain Length 30.75 inches

A belly chain is the perfect emblem of the dynamism of India fashion. The popularity of these belly chains or waist ornaments is evidenced by the numerous historical relics such as temple sculptures, ancient paintings, and frescoes from the period of the Indus valley civilization to nineteenth century designs. For increased comfort and flexibility, most silver belly chains are made by threading or chaining several links together.
The bellychain or waist chain can be a piece of sterling silver jewelry worn around the waist in order to create the ideal waistline. A small waist is considered to be attractive in Indian women. There are belly chain designs which are constructed to hang loosely around the hips, similar to how women would wear them for enhanced sensual beauty, during the ancient times. To this day, these special pieces of Indian jewelry are still believed to be the best way to accentuate a small waistline. Very fine work is required in order to achieve elasticity in these belly chains. This is why Indians have been known to be one of the most skillful jewelers in the world. In some Indian communities, the wearing of belly chains is customary during weddings.
In general, belly chains can be thin, chunky, slinky, bold, large-beaded, or soft and lacy around the belly. Belly chains come in typical designs such as long simple chains adorned with charms and jewels which dangle from them. Tribal and cabaret dancers utilize belly chain jewelry while performing their exotic numbers.

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blue swirl dichroic pendant necklace scan with ru1

blue swirl dichroic pendant necklace scan with ru1

Wow! This makes a statement doesn't it? No, "statement" isn't really the word. It just screams "Look at ME!" And you really should too! It's just gorgeous if I do say so myself.

I bought this 2"x2" dichroic pendant from an artist by the name of Elaine LaFlex-Green in Billings, MT. She said she loved it but could never quite "see" it in finished piece. I guess her Muse went on vacation ... and a good thing for me!

It took a while for my Muse to get used to working with a pendant this charismatic. I tried several differnt things and then another artist friend came my way and handed me a spool of painted leather. It was irridescent and she just hadn't been able to use it - her muse must have gone on vacation too. The minute I saw it I knew just exactly what I was going to use it for....

And this pendant was on it's way to having a derserving cord. I kept thinking that as much as I loved the leather it really needed a partner in crime and that had to be Sterling Silver chain. So, recently I attended a great gem show and ran right into this chain! And here it is. The Big Blue Swirl was born :D

I love the Sterling Silver Swirl bead so I wire wrapped it and Swarovski Crystals right onto the chain.

This piece takes center stage and I'm thinking you won't need to wear much jewelry to go with it!

The necklace measures 26" in length from end to end - that includes the two inch width of the pendant. The drop on the pendant is just a shade over 2".

Sterling Chain Maille and Green Crystal Earrings

Sterling Chain Maille and Green Crystal Earrings

Chain Maille is one of the hottest jewelry items! These pretty crystals sparkle as they reflect the light while dangling from chains of sterling silver. The crystals are dark green czech crystals, with a little fire polish to them. Earwires are french style hook ear wires, made of sterling silver. Total length is

Buy these for yourself, a friend, or family member, for something sparkly, unique, and fun!

buy sterling silver chains

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