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How To Tell White Gold From Silver

how to tell white gold from silver

    white gold
  • While pure gold is yellow in color, colored gold can be developed into various colors. These colors are generally obtained by alloying gold with other elements in various proportions.

  • White Gold (5;>5 7>;>B>) is a 2003 Russian action film directed by Viktor Ivanov from a screenplay by John Jopson and Viktor Ivanov.

  • a pale alloy of gold usually with platinum or nickel or palladium

  • A silver-colored alloy of gold with nickel, platinum, or another metal

    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets"

  • Provide (mirror glass) with a backing of a silver-colored material in order to make it reflective

  • a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography

  • Coat or plate with silver

  • (esp. of the moon) Give a silvery appearance to

  • coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"

how to tell white gold from silver - Cross Classic

Cross Classic Century, Lustrous Chrome, Ballpoint Pen (3502)

Cross Classic Century, Lustrous Chrome, Ballpoint Pen (3502)

Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ball-Point Pen. A pen poised for compliments, the Classic Century Lustrous Chrome ball-point pen offers unequalled Cross craftsmanship in a brilliant chrome plated finish. An American classic-since 1946. An icon of mid-century modern design, this is the Cross pen everyone knows and loves. We may have come a long way since then but this nostalgic favorite spans sixty years of poems and letters, good wishes and thank you's.

The Classic Century Lustrous Chrome ball-point pen from Cross is a truly elegant writing utensil. Featuring a sophisticated chrome finish that's sure to inspire compliments everywhere you go, this beautiful pen is precision crafted for a long life. And with refills available in a variety of sizes and colors, it's versatile, too.

The Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ball-Point Pen offers:
Patented propel-repel ball pen mechanism to help ensure smooth, clear writing
Iconic mid-century modernist design and a brilliant chrome finish
One included black medium ball-point ink refill

This slim, well-balanced pen has a smooth, eye-catching chrome finish. View larger.
Slim, Sophisticated Design
First developed in 1946, Cross Classic Century writing implements are true icons of elegant, mid-century modernist design. This Classic Century ball-point combines a trim, elegant silhouette with a smooth finish for a truly sophisticated appeal. Also offering the unique look of the Cross trademark conical top, this pen utilizes Cross' patented propel-repel ball pen mechanism to help ensure smooth, clear writing.
This pen comes with one black medium ball-point ink refill to get you started. For added versatility, Cross offers a range of ball-point refill sizes and colors, from gel rolling balls, to felt tips, ball-points, and document markers.
About Cross
Established in 1846, the A.T. Cross Company is one of the oldest manufacturers of fine writing instruments. With more than 21 registered patents, the A. T. Cross Company developed and marketed many important "firsts" in the field of writing instruments, including the propel-repel mechanical pencil and the Stylographic pen. Their repertoire has expanded over the years to include luxurious timepieces and beautiful, personal accessories.
The exceptional quality of Cross products is attributed to a design process dedicated to luxurious details and to Cross' employees, who share in the company's goal of quality in the manufacturing process. Cross allows any employee in production to reject a part or product that appears faulty, dramatically increasing the overall integrity of their products.
All Cross writing instruments are guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age.
What's in the Box
Pen with one black medium ball-point refill.

83% (19)

Snow White(Pumpkin Coach)

Snow White(Pumpkin Coach)

Snow White, (in German, Schneewittchen, Snowdrop in their first edition[1]) is the title character in a fairy tale known from many places in Europe, the best known version being the German one collected by the Brothers Grimm. The German version features elements such as the mirror and the seven dwarfs.

In the Aarne-Thompson folklore classification, they are grouped together as type 709, Snow White. Others of this type include Bella Venezia, Myrsina, Nourie Hadig, The Young Slave and Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree.[2]

In the many non-German versions the dwarfs are generally robbers, while the talking mirror is a dialog with the sun or moon.[citation needed] In a version from Albania, collected by Johann Georg von Hahn and published in Griechische und albanesische Marchen. Gesammelt, ubersetzt und erlautert (1864), the main character lives with 40 dragons.[citation needed] The sleep is caused by a ring. The beginning of the story also has a twist in that a teacher urges the heroine to kill her own mother so that the teacher can take her place. The origin of the tale is debated; it is likely no older than the Middle Ages.

Once upon a time, a queen was staring outside her window at the beautiful dandelion. It was because of her distracted state that she pricked her finger on her needle and a drop of blood promptly fell on some snow that had fallen on her windowsill. As she looked at the blood on the snow she said to herself "Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony". Soon after that, the queen gave birth to a baby girl who had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. They named her Princess Snow White. The queen soon died, perhaps in childbirth..

Soon after, the new king took a new wife (debatable) who was beautiful, but very vain, and who possessed supernatural powers. She also possessed a magical mirror that answered any question, to whom she would often ask "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" and to which the mirror would always reply "'Tis you". But after Snow White became seven (which is the official age wherein a girl becomes a maiden) when she asked her mirror, it responded "Queen, you are full fair, 'tis true, but Snow White is fairer than you."

The Queen was jealous, and ordered a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. She demanded that the huntsman return with Snow White's heart as proof. The huntsman took Snow White into the forest, but after raising his knife to stab her, took pity on the girl and found himself unable to kill her. Instead, he let her go, telling her to flee and hide, and brought the queen the heart of a young deer.

In the forest, Snow White discovered a tiny cottage belonging to seven dwarfs, where she rested. Meanwhile, the Queen asked her mirror once again "Who's the fairest of them all?", and was horrified when the mirror told her that Snow White, who was alive and well and living with the dwarfs, was still the fairest of them all.

Three times the Queen disguised herself and visited the dwarfs' cottage trying to kill Snow White. First, disguised as a peddler, the Queen offered colorful stay-laces and laced Snow White up so tight that she fainted, and the Queen took her for dead. Snow White was revived by the dwarfs when they loosened the laces. Next, the Queen dressed as a different old woman and combed Snow White's hair with a poisoned comb. Snow White again collapsed, and again the dwarfs saved her. Lastly the Queen made a poisoned apple, and in the disguise of a countrywoman offered it to Snow White. She was hesitant, so the Queen cut the apple in half, ate the white part (which had no poison) and gave the poisoned red part to Snow White. She ate the apple eagerly and immediately fell into a deep stupor. When the dwarfs found her, they could not revive her, so they placed her in a glass coffin, thinking that she had died.

Time passed, and a prince traveling through the land saw Snow White in her coffin. The prince was enchanted by her beauty and instantly fell in love with her. He begged the dwarfs to let him have the coffin. The prince's servants carried the coffin away. While doing so, they stumbled on some bushes and the movement caused the piece of poisoned apple to dislodge from Snow White's throat, awakening her. The prince then declared his love and soon a wedding was planned.

The vain Queen, still believing that Snow White was dead, again asked her mirror who was fairest in the land and yet again the mirror disappointed her by responding that "You, my queen, are fair; it is true. But the young queen is a thousand times fairer than you."

Not knowing that this new queen was indeed her stepdaughter, she arrived at the wedding, and her heart filled with the deepest of dread when she realized the truth.

As punishment for her wicked ways, a pair of heated iron shoes were brought fo

Spreading Tent of Rainbow Rays

Spreading Tent of Rainbow Rays

This is a picture I took on our way to Yellowstone National Park this year. I'm not exactly sure where this was, but we hadn't arrived at Jackson Hole yet, traveling north. I just remember seeing it and feeling so elated at such wonderful beauty that I took about 50 pictures of this sunset. It reminds me of God's glory and how His spectacular rainbow rays touch each and every one of us, spreading over us who receive Jesus, like a tent of love. I was also awed by the clouds that had both silver and gold lining that surrounded this typified glory of God. In the Word, we are told that dark clouds surround God. But as the dark clouds of sorrow and suffering part, He shines through brightly and comforts us with true to life wondrous waves/rays of love.

His love feels very physical, rising outward like rays or waves from the abdomen; but it is spiritual because you cannot see it. It is not an emotional response to Him because it actually feels like when you are in the passenger seat of a car while the driver speeds over a minor bump in an intersection. Then multiply that sensation by about one hundred, and that's what it feels like.

If you have not yet received Jesus' love in this way, seek Him first and then admit your sins to Him. Ask Him for forgiveness, realizing that without it and Him, there is eternal separation from Him. Next accept Him as the Son of God and His ability to forgive you through His having taken the punishment for your sins by being tortured and then crucified. Then believe that He was raised on the third day, interceding for you forever before the Heavenly Father so that you can receive the spiritual inheritance He has for you.

Next, Jesus will wash you with His Water and clothe you with His Blood, a robe of His righteousness that sparkles brightly in the light of the Heavenly Father, making us beautiful to Him forever. These, too, are real sensations and not emotional responses. They come down over a person like a waterfall (three times) and then a gush of power/a feeling of thick liquid being poured over your head. Though the waterfalls only happen three times (at different intervals possibly), the gushes of thick liquid continue to occur from time-to-time but indefinitely.

Then He will give you His life-giving breath, His Holy Spirit, which feels like massive power or wind blown into your chest area, rising up into a kind of flush on your face. But right before, during and after that breath, you will feel something like your heart palpitating when this breath is going to happen. Some have described it as though God is rubbing His knuckles lightly on your heart. LOL! He is, in actuality, knocking on the door of your heart to let Him in to sup with Him. No, you're not having physical heart issues. It does feel physical, but it's really spiritual because you can't see it. Then He breathes new life into you like a newborn taking its first breath and many others afterward. This breath continues on (like the gushes of thick liquid) from time-to-time indefinitely.

About that time, some sorrow and suffering in life will come, the dark clouds that surround Him. It's inevitable. Remember Jacob's, Joseph's, Moses', David's, and Job's trials? Much like that. It's the only way through to get to Him in the Kingdom of God. Then you will be called, which varies from person to person. But you will know it when it happens. After that, He will give you manna by your tasting a sweet taste in your mouth (kind of like kiwi or Moses said coriander seed and honey) for about a week or more before the waves come about from time-to-time, continuing on indefinitely. He really does fill your mouth. After the waves/rays of love begin, by about the third day, something like a bubbling of water happens in the abdomen. Jesus calls it Living Waters coming up from the belly according to KJV. A better way to describe it would be that it feels like how water does on your palm when you place it under a fast running bathtub warm water faucet, or it can be described as feeling like a kind of jacuzzi bubbling in your abdomen. During that time, something happens so that, when you grieve the Lord by your attitude about Him, you will feel that also in your abdomen. It's kind of physically painful but more like how you feel sorrow when someone close to you dies. But you will know distinctively that it's not you but Him. Stay close to Him and get through this time with Him, repenting all the way. At some point, this same love and bubbling happens in the chest area when He circumcises your spirit/heart. Then when you sin or think about sinning, it actually hurts in the chest area (not like a heart attack or anything like that, kind of like the grieving feeling mentioned before). Other things will happen during and afterward, but that's between you and the Lord because some of it is terribly sad and some of it is unspeakably wonderful.

All of this love goes on for about 40 days

how to tell white gold from silver

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