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Sterling Silver Watches For Men. Home Remedies For Polishing Silver. Scrap Silver Price Per Ounce.

Sterling Silver Watches For Men

sterling silver watches for men

The Captain's Mistress' Necklace

The Captain's Mistress' Necklace

Lorelai had begun taking in washing and mending after her husband died. Although their little cottage was paid for, with his savings and her small inheritance, she still needed income to cover her living expenses and the upkeep on her home, which was in somewhat dubious repair. She managed to maintain an air of elegance and grace even when performing such menial tasks, and was somewhat known for the skills of her needle, and managed to maintain a sparsely comfortable living for herself.

Capt. James Harcourt, after a particularly challenging month of chasing pirates, found himself with most of his uniforms rather the worse for wear when they put into port along the trade route that was their assigned patrol. Inquiries resulted in a recommendation, and he brought his wardrobe to a small cottage on the outskirts of the port district. Tall and handsome, with manners befitting a gentleman, he stole her heart, and her quiet charm and soft beauty were a boon to him, providing such a change from his experiences at home.

She had no expectations, for he was forthright with her from the beginning, but welcomed him on his visits, and they began an affair that lasted for the remainder of his life. She would not allow him to gift her with money to make her living situation more comfortable, for she told him she would not be any man’s kept woman. So instead he bought her small gifts, acquired in the various ports he visited in the course of his duties. They were never expensive, as she would have refused them, but each was picked with care and love, and she treasured them for their emotional value.

One gift he gave her, she treasured over all others. It was a mechanism piece, salvaged from a part of the navigation console that had been damaged in a battle. He gave it to her, made into the pendant of a necklace, telling her that a part of him would be always with her, and when she wore it that she would be with him in his travels. She wore it to the end of her days, years after he had been killed in the line of duty.

Once, shortly after his death, she travelled to the city of his birth, to observe the woman to whom he had been married, and left content, knowing that this woman had had the title of wife, but that she had been the one he truly loved.

This necklace is made with fire-polished Czech glass beads in a deep burgundy color, with each bead being individually hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire and fastening with a sterling lobster clasp. The pendant is a piece from an antique pocketwatch.

No automata were harmed in the making of this jewelry, with the components coming from odd lots of mixed parts. This also falls into the category of "jewelry what bites," as the edges of the machinery bits are still in their original natural roughened state.

Steampunk MAN IN THE MOON Original Vintage Pocketwatch Necklace by 19 Moons - Jules Verne Victorian SciFi Fantasy Piece

Steampunk MAN IN THE MOON Original Vintage Pocketwatch Necklace by 19 Moons - Jules Verne Victorian SciFi Fantasy Piece

~Currently Available at my 19Moons Etsy Store- See profile for details~

-=: Man in the Moon :=-

The Man in the Moon was drinking deep,
and the cat began to wail;
A dish and a spoon on the table danced,
The cow in the garden madly pranced
and the little dog chased his tail.

- Except from J.R.R Tolkein's The Man In the Moon Came Down too Soon

A one of a kind space face necklace by 19 Moons~ the stuff stars and legends! The pendant of this unique piece is based on a late 1800's Victorian pocket watch plate in a crescent moon shape with incredible etching and guilloche patterning. The pattern brings to mind magnetic patterns or cosmic rays, they dance and shimmer in the light!

© 2009-2010 19 Moons, All Rights Reserved.

sterling silver watches for men

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