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Silver hills assisted living. Buy sterling silver charms. Antique silver trays.

Silver Hills Assisted Living

silver hills assisted living

    assisted living
  • Housing for elderly or disabled people that provides nursing care, housekeeping, and prepared meals as needed

  • Assisted Living is a 2003 American comedy film directed and written by Elliot Greenbaum. It depicts a day in the life of Todd, a janitor at an assisted living facility. He befriends the residents, one of whom confuses him for her son.

  • type of senior housing that is typified by independent living and limited assistance to its renters.

  • Assisted living residences or assisted living facilities (ALFs) provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs); coordination of services by outside health care providers; and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.

    silver hills
  • Silver Hills Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode, is a Christian minority institution under the management of CMI Fathers of St. Thomas Province, Kozhikode, who run several educational institutions at all levels in India. The CMI society was founded by Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

Moody street, Congleton

Moody street, Congleton

Moody Street. A conservation area. It was painted nice bright colours to cheer the people up. By law residents have to own brightly coloured cars (Black, grey, silver forbidden).Now it's gorgeous georgian town houses are a most desirable place to live.
Congleton is a flourishing and attractive market town with a population of around 28,000. The town benefits from excellent communication links. The M6 motorway is just 10 minutes away and the railway station has hourly services to Manchester and to Stoke. By train, travellers can be in London in less than two hours. Three main airports, Manchester International, Liverpool John Lennon and East Midlands are all within an hour's drive.
It is a town with ambition, an entrepreneurial spirit and a huge community heart. Congleton is a Fair Trade town (awarded in 2007 and is also the first ArcAngel protected town (2009). The town holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Maypole Dance (2008). It is working towards becoming a Transition Town and has an active group developing initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the town. Another group is working on introducing more events and marketing the town as Congleton Beartown 'where friends are made' and local people are key to the success of the town.
The local landscape is dominated by a distinctive, 300m high outcrop known as .The Cloud.. This can be seen from most parts of the town. Formed of Millstone Grit, this dramatic large hill was extensively quarried over many years to make grindstones and provide dark red stone for houses and pavements. The Cloud forms the outline for the Congleton Partnership logo and is used in local branding.
The River Dane winds its way through the centre of the town creating an outstanding wildlife corridor. It is one of the fastest rising rivers in the country. A visit to the river is a must for visitors who will admire not only the old textile mills along its banks but also the historic green-flagged Congleton Park with its ecologically important Town Wood.
Congleton and Macclesfield Canal runs around the eastern side of the town. It is regarded
by narrow boat enthusiasts as the 'gentle highway' and is well used by energetic walkers
who can follow its towpath to Macclesfield in the north or the Potteries in the south.
The Town benefits from many listed buildings and two conservation areas. Many of the
buildings are Georgian, such as the town houses of Moody Street, but there are also earlier
examples such as the Lion and Swan and the Kings Arms both from the 17th Century.
One of the most striking features of the town is its mills, most of which have been converted
to commercial premises; Riverside, on Mountbatten Way, is now the home of a number of
companies including the Enterprise Centre and Learning Centre.
Each summer Congleton looks forward to a superb floral display. School children and youth
organisations are involved in planting baskets and tubs and their efforts have reaped many
awards. The Community Gardens in Lawton Street is a green oasis in the town centre, well
used by local office workers. Here visitors will also see a bronze statue of Sgt George
Eardley, a local hero who was awarded a Victoria Cross for his bravery, during a battle at
Overloon, Holland on October 16th 1944, Congleton Paddling Pool, open late May-
September, is a fantastic free attraction for young children.
Each Christmas the town looks forward to a visit from Father Christmas to switch on the
impressive Christmas lights. Many shops have small, lit Christmas trees above their doors
and the Town Council and Congleton Community Projects host community events. Carnival
comes to town every other year, with the next one in July 2012.
Perhaps Congleton.s best asset is its people, who have a reputation for being friendly, warm
and caring. This is evident in the colossal number of voluntary groups and organisations
which give today.s town a real buzz.
Business in Congleton
Congleton has a strong business infrastructure and a resilient economy. The town has the
support of the local Chamber of Commerce, a fledgling enterprise centre and an associated
learning centre.
Congleton has an estimated 900 VAT registered businesses and a considerable number of
developing micro businesses. Whilst the traditional manufacturing areas of textile and
engineering have been affected by globalisation, the town still has a significant
manufacturing base, with employment in this section well above the national average. In recent years there has been a shift to the finance and professional, tourism and retail sectors. The town is a net exporter of labour.
The Town Centre Plan is a blueprint of how residents and businesses wish to see the town centre develop. It is transformational but retains the Town.s strong heritage. It includes proposals for a modern retail centre and new health complex. A Town Centre Manager was introduced in 2008 and there is an active Traders Forum. A wider Regeneration Strategy "Congleton in T

Saint Paul - Brancoveanu Monastery

Saint Paul - Brancoveanu Monastery


O Christ, your chosen vessel
Did carry forth your name
In mission to all people
The Gospel to proclaim.
He preached with grace resounding,
Becoming all to all,
And we with praise abounding
In thanks acclaim Saint Paul.

Apostle to the nations,
Although in speech unskilled,
He laid the strong foundations
So others then could build.
His call for no division,
To seek the things above,
Has given us the vision:
One body bound by love.

If one part comes to suffer,
The others feel the pain,
If one receives an honour,
We all the joy obtain.
The parts were thus intended –
Together to be one.
All strife should then be ended
In you, the Father’s Son.

To you, with God the Father,
And Spirit, ever one,
We give with Paul our brother
The praise for marvels done.
Conformed in imitation,
May we from factions cease
And spread with jubilation
His words of grace and peace.

(Andrew Hofer, O.P.)


There are two ways, one of life and one of death; but a great difference between the two ways. The way of life, then, is this: First, you shall love God who made you; second, your neighbour as yourself; and all things whatever you would should not occur to you, you also to another do not do. And of these sayings the teaching is this: Bless those who curse you, and pray for your enemies, and fast for those who persecute you. For what thank is there, if you love those who love you? Do not also the Gentiles do the same? But love those who hate you; and you shall not have an enemy. Abstain from fleshly and worldly lusts. If one give you a blow upon your right cheek, turn to him the other also; and you shall be perfect. If one forces you to go for one mile, go with him two. If one take away your cloak, give him also your coat. If one take from you your own, ask it not back? for indeed you are not able. Give to everyone who asks you, and ask it not back; for the Father wills that to all should be given of our own blessings (free gifts). Happy is he that gives according to the commandment; for he is guiltless. Woe to the one who receives; for if one having need receives, he is guiltless; but he that receives not having need, shall pay the penalty, why he received and for what, and, coming into straits (confinement), he shall be examined concerning the things which he has done, and he shall not escape thence until he pay back the last farthing. But also now concerning this it has been said, Let your alms sweat in your hands, until you know to whom you should give.

The second commandment of the Teaching; you shall not commit murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not commit paederasty, you shall not commit fornication, you shall not steal, you shall not practice magic, you shall not practice witchcraft, you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is begotten. You shall not covet the things of your neighbour, you shall not perjure yourself, you shall not bear false witness, you shall not speak, evil, you shall bear no grudge. You shall not be double-minded nor double-tongued; for to be double-tongued is a snare of death. Your speech shall not be false, nor empty, but fulfilled by deed. You shall not be covetous, nor rapacious, nor a hypocrite, nor evil disposed, nor haughty. You shall not take evil counsel against your neighbour. You shall not hate any man; but some you shall reprove, and concerning some you shall pray, and some you shall love more than your own life.

My child, flee from every evil thing, and from every likeness of it. Be not prone to anger, for anger leads the way to murder; neither jealous, nor quarrelsome, nor of hot temper; for out of all these murders are engendered. My child, be not a lustful one; for lust leads the way to fornication; neither a filthy talker, nor of lofty eye; for out of all these adulteries are engendered. My child, be not an observer of omens, since it leads the way to idolatry; neither an enchanter, nor an astrologer, nor a purifier, nor be willing to took at these things; for out of all these idolatry is engendered. My child, be not a liar, since a lie leads the way to theft; neither money-loving, nor vainglorious, for out of all these thefts are engendered. My child, be not a murmurer, since it leads the way to blasphemy; neither self-willed nor evil-minded, for out of all these blasphemies are engendered. But be meek, since the meek shall inherit the earth. Be patient and merciful and honest and gentle and good and always trembling at the words which you have heard. You shall not exalt yourself, nor give over-confidence to your soul. Your soul shall not be joined with lofty ones, but with just and lowly ones shall it have its contact. The events that befall you receive as good, knowing that apart from God nothing comes to pass.

silver hills assisted living

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