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Engraved Silver Cross

engraved silver cross

French Huguenot cross - St Amand les Eaux

French Huguenot cross - St Amand les Eaux

The Huguenot cross is a Christian religious symbol originating in France and is one of the more recognisable and popular symbols of the evangelical reformed faith. It is commonly found today as a piece of jewellery (in gold or silver) or engraved on buildings connected with the Reformed Church in France. It also forms part of the official logo of the Reformed Church in France.

It is sometimes asserted that the cross appeared[where?] for the first time during the Huguenot Wars (1562-1598) in the South of France.[citation needed] Bertrand Van Ruymbeke asserts instead that the Huguenot cross stands out as "the most revealing" of symbolic signs of latter-day Huguenot solidarity: "Although a Huguenot cross was indeed designed in Nimes in the 1680s, never was it in France the symbole de reconnaissance it later became for the descendants of the Huguenot refugees in the last third of the nineteenth century" Van Ruymbeke identifies the late 19th-century Huguenot revival as sharing characteristics with two of historian Eric Hobsbawm's three categories of "invented traditions": A. "those establishing or symbolizing social cohesion or the membership of groups, real or artificial communities", and B. "those whose main purpose [is] socialization, the inculcation of beliefs, value systems and conventions of behavior."

Long after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, the Huguenot Cross came into general use amongst 19th-century Huguenot descendants in countries where Huguenot refugees settled, as identification with the French Huguenot ancestry, as much as confirmation of the wearer's faith.

In 1942, the Free French Protestants in Great Britain issued a badge that paired the Huguenot cross with the Cross of Lorraine, which had been taken up by the Free French Forces.
Source : "Wiki"

The Elizabeth Cross

The Elizabeth Cross

Introduced in July 2009, the Elizabeth Cross, and a Memorial Scroll is issued to the families of Service personnel who have died on operations or as a result of terrorist action since 1st January 1948.

This is not a posthumous medal for the fallen, but is tangible national recognition for their families in recognition of their tragic loss and sacrifice.

The Elizabeth Cross is made of hallmarked silver and is in the form of a cross with a laurel wreath passing between the arms. The arms of the cross bear floral symbols representing England (Rose), Scotland (Thistle), Ireland (Shamrock) and Wales (Daffodil). The centre of the cross bears the Crowned Cypher of Her Majesty The Queen. The reverse of the cross will be engraved with the name of the Service person in whose memory it is granted.

A miniature version of the Elizabeth Cross will also be granted. Both will be presented in a black leather-style presentation box with the Royal Cypher on the lid and the Royal Coat of Arms on the inner silk lining.

engraved silver cross

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