Hot wheels treasure hunt series. Alloy or steel wheels. Wheels for you

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series

hot wheels treasure hunt series

    treasure hunt
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  • A search for treasure

    hot wheels
  • Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.

  • Hot Wheels is a Hardy Boys novel.

  • Hot Wheels is a thirty minute Saturday morning animated television series broadcast on ABC from 1969 to 1971, under the primary sponsorship of Mattel Toys.

  • similar things placed in order or happening one after another; "they were investigating a series of bank robberies"

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Hotwheels - Treasure Hunt Mania

Hotwheels - Treasure Hunt Mania

2007 Treasure Hunt Series - Cadillac V16

Treasure Hunt (sometimes T-Hunt) is a line of Hot Wheels cars which were introduced by Mattel in 1995. It consists of 12 cars every year; one released per month. The original production run started at 10,000 pieces worldwide, and has since grown due to the demand and increasing popularity of Hot Wheels collecting.

In 2007, Mattel introduced a two-tiered Treasure Hunt system. A regular Treasure Hunt would feature normal enamel paint and normal wheels compared to other Hot Wheels cars. The production of these is rumored to be greater than Treasure Hunts of the past. The super Treasure Hunt is much rarer and is like Treasure Hunts of the past, featuring premium wheels, and Spectraflame paint. All 12 Treasure Hunt cars are planned to be released in both regular and super versions.

Source: Wikipedia.org/Treasure Hunt Series

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series-Bonus Issue (2005)

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series-Bonus Issue (2005)

Issued as #13 in the 12-car Treasure Hunt Series. Available by mail-in only. Also celebrated 10 years of the Treasure Hunt. Unknown run number, but they do appear to be less prevalent than regularly-issued '05 TH's.

hot wheels treasure hunt series

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