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"today i asked c. why he travels. it had never before occurred to me to ask him. either i took it for granted that we shared the same reasons (even though it's apparent that we do anything but) or else i was afraid of his reply. he answered that although some people he knew, including me, travel because of their infinite capacity to be interested, he traveled because of a desire for movement. i didn't comment - i want to think that over. but it strikes me as being a particularly honest statement."
~ barbara hodgson, from the tattooed map

dear friends!! these are busy days, but filled with pleasures: reading books, riding on the bus, enjoying unusually mild weather... and meeting you in this place, where travelers may exchange tales while sipping tea. :)

the journey continues...

may all travelers find joy!!

altered and assembled images, march, 2008
(including two digital photos taken from the bus while traveling to the university today... and a golden tray for serving tea)

Today we are bright and shiny, full of color and spirit!

Today we are bright and shiny, full of color and spirit!

Today we are bright and shiny, full of color and spirit. Tomorrow, as the season continues to change, we may not be as such, but the memories will always remain. For those that have lost a loved one or feeling a bit blue, remember the memories. They will carry you through :) Am going out for a bit and will visit when I get back! Have a super day!

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buy wheels today promotional code

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