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V groove caster wheels. Lace on leather steering wheel cover. Used 19.5 dually wheels

V Groove Caster Wheels

v groove caster wheels

    caster wheels
  • (Caster wheel) A caster (or castor) is an undriven, single, double, or compound wheel that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object (the "vehicle") so as to enable that object to be easily moved.

  • Castor wheels allow the operator to maneuver easily and cut close around trees and other landscape obstacles.

  • are attached to the feet of chairs to give more mobility

    v groove
  • A V-Shaped groove cut into the surface of a glass pane for decorative purposes.

  • (V Grooves) Face grooves pressed, cut, or cast into a “V” shape during club manufacture.

  • A type of vertical design in many cabinet doors. It is typically beaded or grooved and popular in bathroom medicine cabinets.

v groove caster wheels - RWM Casters

RWM Casters VIR-0620-08 6" Diameter X 2" Width Cast Iron V-Groove Wheels with Straight Roller Bearing, 1000 lbs Capacity

RWM Casters VIR-0620-08 6

RWM V-Groove wheels are high strength cast iron (VI) castings or forged steel (VF) forgings machined with a 90 degree groove for operation on an inverted angle iron track. Care must be made to assure the inverted angle iron track is parallel to ensure smooth and constant tracking. In some cases it may be advisable to run inverted angle iron on one side with V-Groove wheels and flat bar stock steel on the other side with a flat faced cast iron or forged steel wheel. V-Groove Wheels are used to control the flow of a load, i.e., into an oven, between machines, over long distances or where "production line" sequence is required. Bore is available in various sizes on some wheels and Keyways can be installed on most sizes.

79% (17)

V-Groove Village

V-Groove Village

HDU sign foam panel with faux marble finish, v-groove routed with bright metallic gold graphics

V-Groove Swansea

V-Groove Swansea

HDU Sign Foam Faux Marble finish CNC V-Groove Routed

v groove caster wheels

v groove caster wheels

RWM Casters 40 4

Our 40 series casters have been used in a wide variety of applications for many years and are the backbone of the material handling industry. The load ratings fit a wide variety of manufacturing and warehousing uses. Nearly every warehouse, freight terminal, manufacturing plant and industrial business uses these types of casters in their operations. The 40 series caster is the same as our standard 46 series casters except for 1-1/2" wide wheels. The rivet hydraulically compressed kingpin to increase strength of swivel section as compared to staking. Cold formed top plate, yoke and button are all heat treated to prevent brinelling, improve swivel action and increase service life. Load and thrust bearings are hardened and ground and rotate on hardened raceways. Top plate and legs are 1/4" steel. Legs are formed for increased strength and continuously welded to yoke. All swivel sections are equipped with a lubrication fitting for field maintenance. RWM lubricates all swivel sections prior to shipment. Notched yokes are standard. 1-1/2" tread wheel. This medium duty caster series is designed for use on scrap bins, parts boxes, dollies and racks. 1/2" Diameter drilled axle with lubrication fitting provided on all casters to improve ease of lubrication. Mounting plate size is 4" x 4-1/2" x 1/4".

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