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Tire Online Sales. Winter Tyres In Uk. Cheap Sumitomo Tires.

Tire Online Sales

tire online sales

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Ocado delivers as sales see 44% rise in Christmas week

Ocado delivers as sales see 44% rise in Christmas week

Online grocer Ocado has outperformed market expectations since its controversial stock market flotation after delivering a strong Christmas performance.The Hatfield-based firm posted gross sales of ?50.9m in the four weeks to December 26, up 26.7% on last year. Sales in the week before Christmas were ?12.3m, up 43.5% on last year.In a bid to overcome the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, the group fitted snow tyres to its 700 delivery vehicles and reduced the number of delivery slots available to ensure orders could be met, which allowed it to meet more than 98% of orders made.Read more on Daily Mail

tire online sales

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