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Wheel Bearing Dust Cap - Wooden Car Wheels - Rent A Wheel Chula Vista.

Wheel Bearing Dust Cap

wheel bearing dust cap

    wheel bearing
  • A bearing or bearing assembly located at each wheel allowing the wheel to spin around the axle with minimal wear and friction. Front wheel bearings are contained within the hub, and are sometimes integral to the hub. A wheel bearing set consists of an inner and outer bearing.

    dust cap
  • A small, circular piece that is inserted into a speaker diaphragm or cone near the bottom, to cover the voice coil.

  • The dust cap (also known as dust dome, or dome) is a gently curved dome mounted either in concave or convex orientation over the central hole of most loudspeaker diaphragms.

  • A removable device that protects the male tip half when disconnected from the female coupling half. Excludes contamination.

wheel bearing dust cap - Bearing Buddy

Bearing Buddy Fits Hubs with LM - 67010 2.441" Outercup

Bearing Buddy Fits Hubs with LM - 67010 2.441

Bearing Buddy... protect your wheel bearings! Tack years onto the life of your trailer's wheel bearings with the steel Bearing Buddy! Replaces the dust cap in the wheel hub and that you fill with grease through a fitting on the Bearing Buddy. The patented spring-loaded piston holds a slight pressure inside the hub, and when the wheel is submerged, the higher inside pressure won't allow water in. This prevents corrosion and altogether shorter bearing life. Best of all, the automatic relief valve feature limits pressure inside the hub to protect rear seals from rupture. And check this out... since the hub is full of grease, bearings receive constant lubrication that tacks years onto their effectiveness. Also allows for quick lubricant level check so you'll never have to re-pack your bearings! Available in numerous hub sizes. Sold in pairs. Maintain your trailer wheels with top-quality Bearing Buddy! Order Now! Bearing Buddy Fits Hubs with LM-67010 2.441" Outercup

76% (17)

Chater Lea Hubs

Chater Lea Hubs

I'd managed to buy a set of replacement Chater Lea hubs for the bike, since my originals had a broken cup in the rear hub. (See other photos in this set).

When I finally came to build the wheels I found the new rear hub flanges were bent out of line. Very annoying!

So a little time spent in the garage I managed to pull one of the cups from the hub with the bent flange and hey presto instant spare part to fix up my old hub.

End result I'm happy. I've been able to keep the original hubs! But I'll be looking closer at what I purchase next time.

Re-painted hub

Re-painted hub

Since part of the hub shows when the wheel is installed, I opted to prep and paint the hub gloss white. Here it is installed and awaiting the wheel and dust cap.

wheel bearing dust cap

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