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Fun Photo Creator : Baby Photo Contest Prize

Fun Photo Creator

fun photo creator

  • A person or thing that brings something into existence

  • Godhead: terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God

  • a person who grows or makes or invents things

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  • Creator is the second album by American alternative rock band The Lemonheads. It was issued twice, as an LP in 1988, and as a CD in 1992, which included three bonus live tracks, recorded at the radio station VPRO in The Netherlands.

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The Creator of Worlds (Metaphotography)

The Creator of Worlds (Metaphotography)

Photography inspired by Jan Saudek.

When I was in Prague I went with Marie to an exhibition of the art of Jan Saudek and I started thinking about photography a little bit. I felt that the difference between me and the people that just takes pics of his friends is mainly the intention. I try to create something, to tell a story or show a detail of a place. But the difference between Jan Saudek and me is that he, besides the intention, creates a situation that is completely a-temporal, universal. I mean, he creates a world, and everybody can catch a part of the message.
He is an artist whereas i?m merely a mirror.
But then I went to the Wolrd Press Photo 07 Exhibition (again in Prague, again with Marie) and I realised that photography allows both types of photographer. The ones that create worlds and the ones that just show our.
Then I start thinking that photography is mainly about lying to tell the truth. We take a photo and then we catch a partial reality of a moment, of a situation that was completely different (that?s particulary evident in Jan Saudek, but even in commercial photography). I mean, situations in real life are bigger, if you were in the room with me when I took that photo you?ll see that the room is bigger, that i?m just doing that for the photo, that there are smells, sounds and the room is quite hot, and that is not captured by the camera. We are lying because we present a photography of a wolrd that is much more complex, but somehow, we lie to tell a bigger truth. We can sometimes capture the essence of a place and it?s because we avoid all those unnecessary details that could distract us.
For eample: If we caught the photo of the face of a sad girl in a bar that is full of people having fun, we would in some way be lying because thats not the real. We are omitting the environment, which is an important part of a situation, but we?re doing it to capture a truth that lies beneath it, the sad girl.
That?s what I like about photography. It gives you the possibility of taking the part of the world that you like and remove the rest, it lets you to tell a story as you like it, you just need a “click”.



digital scrapbook collage i created for my friend's for this Christmas. Pictures are from their birthdays this year. I used Photoschop CS3 along with scrapbook kits from Shabbyy Princess and several more scrapbook kit creators.

fun photo creator

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