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Blackrock Gold Fund

blackrock gold fund

    gold fund
  • A type of mutual fund or ETF designed to give exposure to gold related securities or to physical gold itself. Gold securities can include stocks in companies engaged in the production, processing, or mining of gold.

  • BlackRock is a global investment management firm based in New York City.

  • Blackrock is a fictional supervillain in the DC Comics universe. Blackrock is a recurring enemy of Superman first appearing in Action Comics #458, (April 1976).

  • Blackrock is a 1997 Australian film directed by Steven Vidler and written by Nick Enright. Internationally, it is best remembered as the first prominent role of actor Heath Ledger.

blackrock gold fund - Bad Day

Bad Day in Blackrock

Bad Day in Blackrock

Lives are shattered when three private school-educated, rugby-playing young men attack another young man outside a Dublin nightclub. On a late August night, a young man is kicked to death outside a Dublin nightclub and celebration turns to devastation. The reverberations of that event, its genesis and aftermath, is the subject of this extraordinary story, stripping away the veneer of a generation of Celtic cubs, whose social and sexual mores are chronicled and dissected in this tract for our times. The victim, Conor Harris, his killers - three of them are charged with manslaughter - and the trial judge share common childhoods and schooling in the privileged echelons of south Dublin suburbia. The intertwining of these lives leaves their afflicted families in moral free fall as public exposure merges with private anguish and imploded futures.

80% (12)

Meadow Gold 9 & clouds

Meadow Gold 9 & clouds

The Meadow Gold sign in the process of being resurrected at 11th & Quaker Ave in Tulsa, on Route 66.

Meadow Gold was a brand of dairy products for Beatrice Foods. The company founded in 1894 by two out-of-work dairymen merged with another local dairy company and acquired the name Meadow Gold for their products. Beatrice would grow steadily as a local company until the baby boom of the 1950s when they became a huge manufacturer of products from dairy to other household goods and would own many common name brands we know today (Peter Pan peanut butter, Butterball, Clark Candy, Dannon, etc...). In the 1980s Beatrice would become part of a leveraged buyout by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, who divested the company, auctioning it away piece by piece until Beatrice no longer existed.

This sign was erected in Tulsa to advertise their dairy products to Tulsans and passersby on Route 66. It was built on top of a building at the major intersection of 11th & Lewis and stood there for over 60 years. When the building was to be demolished in 2005, Tulsan Lee Anne Zeigler and the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, along with help from mayor Kathy Taylor's Vision 2025 Program and the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program, funds were raised to dismantle, store and eventually resurrect the historic, landmark sign over Route 66 in Tulsa. The funding provided for a small pavilion to be built on property donated by the Corner Cafe owner at 11th & Quaker.

Gold Beach Wreck

Gold Beach Wreck

The Mary D. Hume abandoned on the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon. The boat is on the National Register of Historic Places. According to Wikipedia, the local historical society gave up their plans to turn this vessel into a museum after they lost all their funds fighting a lawsuit over ownership. Kind of ironic that it's now rotting away in the mud.

blackrock gold fund

blackrock gold fund


A beautiful beach community, a surfer's paradise, the local teenagers are enjoying the endless summer of heat, love and freedom. Suddenly, a murder takes place in their midst?

Seventeen year old Jared lives with his mother Diane in Blackrock. He's dating his first serious girlfriend, Rachel, and his best mate Ricko, a local surf legend, has returned home. For the teenager, life couldn't be better and Jared decides to throw a welcome party for Ricko at the local surf club. The party turns out to be the event of the year but gets out of control. Tracy, a fifteen year old girl is found dead on a nearby rocky beach. Next morning the entire community is in shock with the news she was raped and murdered. The national media descends on the town like vultures and Diane battles the Jared's stubborn silence as he refuses to talk about the fateful night. As the police close in, Jared learns the darker truth behind what happened to Tracy. But when you're seventeen, scared and alone, how do you choose between loyalty and the truth?

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