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Third Watch Tv Series - Wrist Watch Display.

Third Watch Tv Series

third watch tv series

    third watch
  • Third Watch is an American television drama series which first aired on NBC from 1999 to 2005 for a total of 134 episodes, broadcast in 6 seasons of 22 episodes each.

    tv series
  • A television program (television programme in the United Kingdom, Ireland and many Commonwealth countries) or television show is a segment of content broadcast on television. It may be a one-off broadcast or part of a periodically recurring television series.

  • Information from episodes of LOST overrides contradictory facts from any other source.

  • An anime series that is aired weekly on TV.

Club 57 Series: Daria Deshuk

Club 57 Series: Daria Deshuk

This is Daria. She was performing in Ammo's Universal Action night, which was basically improvised. It was a put together your own performance or living art. In this performance and photo Daria is living art. I thought it best to include Daria's comments and writing below:

It was the early 80’s and the anticipation of a new age was in the air. I think we were calling it the new wave. It was amazing to us that we would be alive in the year 2000. I painted a pair of cowboy boots silver and had a asymmetrical haircut, it was a mix of thrift shop, punk and fifties style cocktail dresses, and mod mini skirts, we stood out.

I was living at 99 saint marks place, after graduating BFA in Painting and a certificate in Art Education, from Parson School of Design. I was working a few part time jobs , an Art Teacher , 2 waitress jobs , a part time graphic design assistant, Art freelance jobs when available , and as a coat check girl at club 57 in the evenings, and had a fabulous Art studio in an old public school PS 122.
turned into artist studios.

As a coat check girl I saw the events safely from behind the coat check half door and some nights collected enough change and dollars to call it a great night earning 50$. I participated in events at club 57 Mostly organized by Ann as the leader and other artist. I was a playboy bunny, and performed routines, friend of a friend from the west village taught us all how to do Fan Dancing and we performed it at the Mudd Club. I remember standing behind a piece of paper in a corset and bra as a work of art. I modeled fashion for many of the new wave designers of our group Stacy and Shawn. Club 57 was a living room for Artists, we were entertainment tonight, not watching it on TV or the computer.

I began a relationship with the artist Larry Rivers (32 years my senior) in 1981, and moved to east 14th st and first Ave. I started to use a camera and projection, and began making large paintings depicting the streets of the lower east side dariadeshuk.com.
Larry had a large loft and we had a party where John Sex a performer from club 57 did his famous strip dancing on our piano swinging from the loft pipes. I was moving out of the local east village group into the life of privilege and romance. My survival financially and needs as a women and artist were indulged, as I became the mother of Sam Deshuk Rivers in 1985, and started working in my East 14th st. art studio loft on the third floor. I was living a comfortable domestic life with a true bohemian from the bee bop generation and successful artist, when most of the old crowd was climbing to fame or dying from AIDS or drugs. I lived in NYC and the Hampton’s and some winters in Mexico with Larry Rives a major art world figure , a man that was a celebrity guest at every club and high art event at the time. What I really got from him, as an Artist was a healthy work ethic and a passion for making art. We separated when I turned 40, we remained best friends until his death, I loved him .

What are you doing now?
I presently live and work as an artist full time in Bridgehampton I have recently renovated a large commercial property in BH , Deshuk Rivers Studio, deshukriversgallery.com and have a partner David Kushnir whom I live with. I paint every day and continue to build my career as an artist. I have a column in Fine Arts Magazine on line. I participate in many fundraising and benefits in the Hampton’s. My son Sam Deshuk Rivers is attending Parsons School of design as a MFA student in photography. I believe I am here to inspire the turning of the age that we all anticipated in those early east village days and I intend to do that. Through art and the evolution of my own understanding of Big mind and Big Heart.

Red burned wheat

Red burned wheat

Some work I just finished while girlfriend was watching second chapter of TV series Sherlock Holmes. If you haven't seen this TV show you should see it, it's a great series.

Now it's time to see the third chapter. :-)

third watch tv series

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