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Italian Gold Watch : Gold Dressy Shoes.

Italian Gold Watch

italian gold watch

    gold watch
  • The Norwegian Football Association Gold Watch (Norwegian: Gullklokka) is an honorary proof that's awarded to all Norwegian footballers who reaches 25 caps for the Norwegian national football team. The watch is awarded by the Norwegian Football Association.

  • of or pertaining to or characteristic of Italy or its people or culture or language; "Italian cooking"

  • Of or relating to Italy, its people, or their language

  • a native or inhabitant of Italy

  • the Romance language spoken in Italy

italian gold watch - Men's Genuine

Men's Genuine Italian Leather Watchband Chronograph Style Black 20mm Watch Band

Men's Genuine Italian Leather Watchband Chronograph Style Black 20mm Watch Band

This is a very nicely made Italian leather watch strap. It is available in sizes 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 18-Long, 20-Long, 22-Long to fit most watches. The lining is water resistant nubuck leather to provide comfort and long wear. Thick Breitling-style construction makes it perfect for any medium or heavy watch. Genuine top grain Italian leather. Soft and durable nubuck leather lining. Thick red stitched construction for style and strength. Water resistant . Fits most standard watches. Manufactured by JP Leatherworks exclusively for The Watchband Store.

85% (10)

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer

Italian postcard by Alterocca, Ferni.

Huge Italian actor Bud Spencer (1929) with his trademark black beard was the popular star of many spaghetti westerns and low-budget action films of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. In 18 films he co-starred with his long time film partner Terence Hill. Spencer was also the first Italian to swim 100 m in less than a minute, he has a degree in law, and he has registered several patents.

Bud Spencer was born Carlo Pedersoli in Santa Lucia, a historical rione of the city of Naples in 1929. He was educated as an attorney and holds Juris Doctor degree, but he was bitten by the acting bug. His first film role was that of a member of the Praetorian guard in the MGM epic Quo Vadis (1951, Mervyn LeRoy), shot in Italy. During the 1950’s, he appeared in minor parts in various films made for the Italian market, including Un eroe dei nostri tempi/A Hero of Our Times (1955, Mario Monicelli) with Alberto Sordi. Pedersoli was also a successful swimmer. In 1950, he was the first Italian to swim the 100 m freestyle in less than one minute (59.5 s). In the 1951 Mediterranean Games, he won a silver medal in the same 100m freestyle event. He participated in the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland, reaching the semi-finals in the 100 m freestyle (58.8 s heats, 58.9 s semi final). Four years later, in Melbourne, he also entered the semi-finals in the same category (58.5 s heat, 59.0 s semi final). As a water polo player, he won the Italian Championship in 1954, with S.S. Lazio. His swimming career ended abruptly in 1957. He appeared in some more Italian films such as Annibale/Hannibal (1959, Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Edgar G. Ulmer) starring Victor Mature, but his film career stayed minor league.

In 1967 Carlo Pedersoli changed his screen name to Bud Spencer. Reportedly he chose this pseudonym to pay homage to Hollywood star Spencer Tracy as well as his favorite Czech American beer, Budweiser. Other sources report that he found it funny to call himself ‘bud’ despite his weight and his height at 1.94 m. With Terence Hill (a pseudonym for Mario Girotti) he appeared in the spaghetti film Dio perdona... Io no!/God Forgives... I Don't! (1967, Giuseppe Colizzi). Their pairing was a coincidence while a foot injury had forced lead actor Peter Martell (Pietro Martellanza) off the picture. Terence Hill took over the part of the pistolero Cat Stevens, and the rest is history. Their dual outings made both stars famous, particularly in Europe. At IMDb, reviewer Benjamin Gauss calls it one of their best films: “Although the movie has many gags and humorous parts, God Forgives... I Don't! is not one of the usual Spencer/Hill comedies, but a pretty brutal and rather serious Spaghetti Western”. However, it wasn’t their first film together, because both had also appeared in Annibale/Hannibal (1959). After the success of Dio perdona... Io no! followed as I quattro dell'Ave Maria/Ace High (1968, Giuseppe Colizzi) with Eli Wallach, and La collina degli stivali/Boot Hill (1969, Giuseppe Colizzi) with Woody Strode. Then they played two brothers in Lo chiamavano Trinita.../They Call Me Trinity (1970, Enzo Barboni aka E.B. Clucher), comedic spoof of the spaghetti western genre. The enormous success lead to the sequel ...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita/Trinity Is STILL My Name! (1971, Enzo Barboni) with Harry Carey Jr. Most of these films have alternate titles, depending upon the country and distributor. Some have longer Italian versions that were edited for release abroad They also appeared together in other action genres, such as in Il corsaro nero/Blackie the Pirate (1971, Lorenzo Gicca Palli), ...Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo!/Watch Out, We're Mad (1974, Marcello Fondato) with Donald Pleasence, and I due superpiedi quasi piatti/Crime Busters (1977, Enzo Barboni). Practically all of Spencer's roles have him playing a bearded, balding, and brawny omnipotent who usually ends a fist fight by striking a hammer-like blow on the top of his opponent's head.

Bud Spencer also appeared solo in many films. He played in the spaghetti westerns Oggi a me... domani a te!/Today It's Me (1968, Tonino Cervi) starring Brett Halsey aka Montgomery Ford, and Un esercito di cinque uomini/The Five Man Army (1969, Don Taylor, Italo Zingarelli) with Peter Graves. He made a rare entry in the horror genre in 4 mosche di velluto grigio/4 Flies on Grey Velvet (1971, Dario Argento) with Mimsy Farmer. Then Spencer played a dramatic role as a man innocently kept in prison in Torino nera/Black Turin (1972, Carlo Lizzani) with Francoise Fabian as his wife. Later films include the action-packed potboilers Piedone lo sbirro/Piedone, the cop/ (1973, Steno), and Lo chiamavano Bulldozer/They Call Him Bulldozer (1978, Michele Lupo) with Raimund Harmstorf. Spencer also wrote the complete or partial screenplay for some of his films. His feature film career slowed down after 1983, shifting more toward television. Spencer also became a jet airplane a

Lisbon - National Coach Museum / Lisboa - Museu Nacional dos Coches #21

Lisbon - National Coach Museum / Lisboa - Museu Nacional dos Coches #21

18th century Italian Litter and a 19th century Sedan Chair / Liteira Italiana do seculo XVIII (1750-1765) e Cadeirinha do seculo XIX (1830-1855)


The National Coach Museum (Portuguese: Museu Nacional dos Coches) is located in the Belem district of Lisbon, in Portugal. The museum has one of the finest collections of historical carriages in the world, being one of the most visited museums of the city.

The museum is housed in the old Horse Riding Arena of the Belem Palace, formerly a Royal Palace which is now the official residence of the President of Portugal. The Horse Riding Area was built after 1787 following the Neoclassical design of Italian architect Giacomo Azzolini. Several Portuguese artists decorated the interior of the building with paintings and tile (azulejo) panels. The inner arena is 50 m long and 17 m wide, and was used for training horses and for horse riding exhibitions and games, which could be watched from its balconies by the Portuguese royal family.

The museum was created in 1905 by Queen Amelia to house an extensive collection of carriages belonging to the Portuguese royal family and nobility. The collection gives a full picture of the development of carriages from the late 16th through the 19th centuries, with carriages made in Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria and England.

Among its rarest items is a late 16th/early 17th-century travelling coach used by King Philip II of Portugal to come from Spain to Portugal in 1619. There are also several pompous Baroque 18th century carriages decorated with paintings and exuberant gilt woodwork, the most impressive of these being a ceremonial coach given by Pope Clement XI to King John V in 1715, and the two coaches of the Portuguese embassador to Pope Clement XI, built in Rome in 1716.

italian gold watch

italian gold watch

Mens Invicta Ocean Ghost III Gold-plated Watch

Mens Invicta Ocean Ghost III Gold-plated Watch
20atm water resistance
47mm case
Anti-reflection coating
Auto self-wind mvmt
Champagne dial
Dial with date
Gold-tone hands
Rotating bezel
Safety clasp
Screwdown crown
See through back
Shock Resistant
Stainless steel band
Stainless steel case
Stainless steel caseback
Surgical stainless steel
Tritnite luminous hands
Diver buckle
18k gold-plated
5 microns gold-plated
Flame fusion crystal

Weight: 1.25 GM
This product comes with a FREE Gift Box

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