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Black Hills Gold Jewelry Sale - Spot Gold - Gold Leaf Ornament

Black Hills Gold Jewelry Sale

black hills gold jewelry sale

    black hills
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Nana Adu Ababio II

Nana Adu Ababio II

This is the late Nana Adu Ababio II, Ankobeahene of Amanokrom, a.k.a. Eric Kwaku Kwarte Quartey. He was my grandfather, and a chief in Amanokrom, one of the towns in the Akuapem Hills in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Nana Adu Ababio was born on 23rd December 1931 to Clement Asare Quartey of Mampong Akuapim (Akuapem) and Comfort Akosua Manko Asare of Amanokrom all of blessed memory as Eric Kwaku Kwarte Quartey. He was the 1st of 13 children.

Nana had his primary education at Methodist Boys School at Adabraka and Kimbu Methodist Boys School in Accra. He continued at the Odorgonor Secondary School and completed in the year 1953.

He started his working career with U.A.C., Kingsway stores in 1954 at the Head Office. Due to hard work and his strictness, he either started a new branch or was sent to bring orderliness to one on the verge of collapse. As a result of these credentials, he became the Sales Manager and was posted to Cape Coast, Tema, Burma Camp, Kotobabi and Kaneshie branches of Kingsway Stores, until the year 1976 when he was snatched away by G.T.M.C. (Ghana Textiles Manufacturing Company) in Tema, again as the Sales Manager. He later worked with Ghana Merchant Company, Adukrom Battery Factory, Until he decided to settle in his hometown Amanokrom.

He met his lovely and beautiful wife Gladys Akwaakoa Adu in 1955 during the Odwira festivities. They got married at the Presbyterian Church of Amanokrom in 1958 and she became Mrs. Gladys Quartey. They were blessed with 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. They had a blessed married life and blessed home. Nana in his youthful days was a keen footballer and together with his team won the coronation cup in 1953 at Amanokrom.

Nana was a Methodist born and was a chorister at the Ernest Bruce Methodist Church in Accra and never missed his sunday Methodist hymns at home when he missed church service.

He was selected by the Asanase Oyoko Clan of Amanokrom and became the Ankobeahene of the Gyasi Traditional Area on 26th July 1997.

He was a strong member of the Asuketewaa Mma Fekuo in Accra, in his time.

Nana finally came to settle down with his wife Gladys at Amanokrom in 1999 to perform his duties as the Ankobeahene. As Ankobeahene, he was the main advisor to the Gyasehene and thus, stayed behind always to perform this duty. At Amanokrom, he also took up the role of organising communal labour and advised town folks on functions, especially bereaved families. He performed his duties very well and was appreciated by many.

He was also an advisor to many who came to him for advice. Due to his love for the Asanase Oyoko Clan, he decided to put up a one storey building as their palace for the future chiefs of the clan. It was regrettable that he could not complete this noble task, because he fell ill and bore the cruel pains of sickness, it was with courage and faith in his creator that kept him until 30th April, 2007 when he finally gave up.

Nana left behind a wife, 5 children and 13 grand children.

May his soul rest in peace.

Nana Damirifa Due
Dad Damirifa Due
Grandpa Damirifa Due
Due, Due, Due ne Amanikune

black hills gold jewelry sale

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