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Gold Rate As On Today

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gold rate as on today - Today We

Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence

Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence

Are you confident in yourself or is negativity holding you back?
Do you have the faith and endurance to weather any obstacle life throws at you?
Are you inspiring loved ones as much as they inspire you?

Today We Are Rich has the answers and will show you how to be rich in positivity and gratitude. You'll learn what Tim learned from his grandmother: confidence comes from within you, from your loved ones, and from your spirituality, allowing you to rise above any of life's challenges.

In Today We Are Rich, you'll join Tim on his journey as he weaves together heartwarming tales of hardship and triumph with fundamental lessons of building confidence. Tim details his own challenges and the strles of those close to him, turning them into parables on the endurance and power of the human spirit. Not only will you be moved by his stories, you'll learn the steps you need to take to overcome any obstacle and persevere, even in the face of today's always-on media and internet society.

Through the wisdom and stories of his grandmother, Tim will teach you seven principles of confidence his grandmother lived by even in the face of personal tragedy and economic turmoil, including the Great Depression.
Feed Your Mind Good Stuff: learn how to identify and filter out the negativity that surrounds us
Move The Conversation Forward: learn to break free from the negative thought cycle and communicate positivity and confidence
Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle: learn to practice thankfulness to build a positive outlook
Give To Be Rich: learn how generosity of self can combat feelings of inadequacy
Prepare Your Self: learn how to fully commit yourself to your goals and be ready for anything
Balance Your Confidence: learn to temper your self-confidence by trusting in others and believing in something greater than yourself
Promise Made, Promise Kept: learn the value of integrity by being accountable for your promises
As you accompany Tim through his growing pains and successes, you'll learn and feel your way through building the confidence you need turn your life around and truly be Rich.


Today We Are Rich is the long awaited prequel to Tim's groundbreaking international best-seller, Love Is The Killer App: How To Win Business & Influence Friends. Heavily influenced by the classic works of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Tim has updated their timeless teachings to fit our digital age.

89% (19)

Edersee Dam

Edersee Dam

D700 with Sigma 17-35 / 2,4-4 @ ISO 200 F14 and 17mm HDR

The Edersee Dam is a hydroelectric dam constructed between 1908 to 1914 across the Eder river, near the small town of Waldeck in northern Hesse, Germany, it lies at the northern edge of the Kellerwald. The dam is primarily used hydroelectric power generation and to regulate water levels for shipping on the Weser river.
In World War II, the dam was as part of Operation Chastise, destroyed by special bouncing bombs dropped by British Lancaster bombers of No. 617 Squadron RAF in the early morning of May 17, 1943, creating massive destruction and loss of life downstream. Through the breach in the dam, 70 metres (230 ft) wide and 22 metres (72 ft) deep, water emptied at the rate of 8,000 cubic metres per second (280,000 cu ft/s) into the narrow valley below, a total of about 160 hm?. A flood wave of 6–8 metres (20–26 ft) in height roared through the river valley as far as 30 kilometres (19 mi) downstream, before it diminished in the widening floodplains of the lower Eder, the Fulda and the Weser. About 70 people died[1] (some non-German sources erroneously cite[2] an early total of 749 for all foreigners killed in all POW and labor camps downriver of the Mohne dam as casualties at a supposed POW or labor camp just below the Eder Dam.)
The dam was rebuilt within months by forced labor drawn from the construction of the Atlantic Wall under the command of Organisation Todt, and the lake today is a major summertime recreational facility. Its capacity of 199,300 cubic metres (260,700 cu yd) makes it the third largest reservoir in Germany.
At low water, in late summers of dry years, the remnants of three villages (Asel, Bringhausen, and Berich), along with a bridge across the original river bed, that were submerged when the lake was filled in 1914, can be seen, and descendants of people buried in the now submerged cemeteries go to visit the graves of their ancestors.

"Today is gonna be the day." [18/20]

Wonderwall, Oasis

Today is actually the 3rd, in case you didn't know. but I thought the 11th was better to use for this picture, mostly because I drew that in a while ago.
I can't remember why, though :/
I kinda liked the bokeh in the back, but I dunno. I went to the beach earlier. That was fun. I think it's funny how I'm still darker than my mom, who uses self tanner :)

SOOC because I'm too lazy to edit right now.

I got tagged like 4 more times, so I'll list 10 of my favorite things to do, in no particular order:
1. Take pictures
2. Dance
3. Capture the Flag
4. Frisbee
5. Swimming
6. Take walks
7. Creatively write
8. Read
9. Mix together a bunch of different juices to create my own
10. Jam out to techno/dance music :P

gold rate as on today

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