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Best windows blinds - Bedroom drape - Roman shade privacy liner.

Best Windows Blinds

best windows blinds

    windows blinds
  • WindowBlinds is a computer program that allows users to skin the Windows graphical user interface. It has been developed by Stardock since 1998, and is the most popular component of their flagship software suite, Object Desktop.

w12p1 / Best - Three Windows and Shadow

w12p1 / Best - Three Windows and Shadow

I choose this photo as my best because the high contrast of colors and lines were more representative of how I innately express myself photographically. It is what I first see when my "camera eye" is turned on.

1. The balance is symmetrical with a dividing shadow line and the balance of the three windows.
The overall pattern is the organic lines of the tree shadow, with man made shapes of the windows and the house siding.
The dominant shapes are the windows and the shadows of the tree.

2. Strong contrast is achieved by the shadow casting on the white background. The color of the red roof tiles and the green window blinds also helps to create contrast to the composition. Depth of field is kept shallow to allow the colors and shapes create a sharp abstract pattern.

3. The afternoon sun has a hard tonality against the house siding, casting a strong shadow. The color of the light is a warm tone, with the low sun direction and the diffused light (by the tree) softening the white color of the house.

4. The camera was accidentally left on tungsten setting, so I had to make the white balance correction to daylight in Canon camera raw editing.
I used a f / 9 to keep the depth of field shallow - I wanted all images to be in focus and sharp.

5. The photograph is an abstract. The subject is organic and man made lines and shapes.

Editing: White balance correction and cropping.

parallel worlds

parallel worlds

Individuals and parallel lives. But all is joined together by one cord or backbone that some call spirit or love or atman.

Taken for active assignment weekly - parallel lines. Blinds on the office window.

WIT: The window glass has a tint of blue (and whitebalance set to daylight). Shot at close to telephoto end to get the dof.

Looks better in large.

best windows blinds

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