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Large Format Camera Lenses

large format camera lenses

    camera lenses
  • (camera lens) a lens that focuses the image in a camera

  • (Camera lens) A camera lens (also known as photographic lens, objective lens or photographic objective) is an optical lens or assembly of lenses used in conjunction with a camera body and mechanism to make images of objects either on photographic film or on other media capable of storing an

    large format
  • any drawing size bigger than A3. Aka wide format.

  • Large format describes large photographic films, large cameras, view cameras (including pinhole cameras) and processes that use a film or digital sensor, generally 4 x 5 inches (10x13 cm) or larger. The most common large formats are 4x5 and 8x10 inches (20x25 cm).

  • Name for the  analogue Planfilm-System. The greatest filmsize in film-based photography . Typical picture sizes are 4 x 5 and 9 x 12 cm.

large format camera lenses - Schneider 150mm

Schneider 150mm f/5.6 Apo-Symmar-L, Large Format Lens with Copal #0 Shutter - USA.

Schneider 150mm f/5.6 Apo-Symmar-L, Large Format Lens with Copal #0 Shutter - USA.

The Apo-Symmar-"L" series of lenses replaces the well-proven original Apo-Symmar. As some glass types have been phased out for environmental reasons, newer designs with substitute formations were necessary. Seizing the opportunity, Schneider-Kreuznach has now completely re-designed this successful, all-purpose lens to bring it up to the current state-of-the-art of lens design and fabrication. The covering power has been expanded in nearly all cases and the imaging performance further optimized. The current focal lengths and the principle technical specifications are shown in the table below. Used according to the maximum photo format, the focal lengths between 120 and 480 mm offered by the "L-Series" deliver normal perspective pictures without wide angle or telephoto effects.

82% (17)

Four grown men using film cameras in downtown Toronto, but the 4x5 instant film back failed. C'est la vie.

Four grown men using film cameras in downtown Toronto, but the 4x5 instant film back failed. C'est la vie.

Instant film.

This image is part of a 15 hour photo outing, which included a trip to the phsc.ca outdoor camera market, feeding Matt some espresso with beer chasers to keep him awake, a trip to High Park, and then a couple of hours around Yonge and Dundas. I should mention that we carried around 2 large format 4x5 cameras, a Bronica SQ-A with a few lenses, a modded Infrared D50, and a 35mm Pentax. The temperature was 35 degrees Celsius. Great times.

Update: Replaced the 405 Instant film holder. Feeling better now.

large format lens on a 35mm SLR

large format lens on a 35mm SLR

This has nothing to do with my other projects (scanner camera) but yesterday I was playing around with some lenses and I tried to mount a large format enlarger lens on a 35mm reflex using a macro bellows and some adapters, and this is the result.
It can focus from infinite to about 30cm (1ft.) and with some other tweaks maybe it's possible to tilt/shift the lens.
I wish I had a digital SLR to test the resolution... :(

large format camera lenses

large format camera lenses

Polaroid Spectra PRO Digital Advanced Instant Camera [Quintic Lens & Control Panel]

Polaroid Spectra PRO- The Ultimate Instant Camera for Creativity and Control. Advanced Composition Features including: ? Programmable manual focus ? Electronic viewfinder with focus lock ? Multiple exposures-Up to 5 per print ? Programmable manual time exposures-Up to 2 minutes ? Backlighting compensation ? Programmable sequential time-lapse picture taking-with fixed and variable intervals from 3 seconds to 19.9 minutes ? Self timer ? Audio-visual signals-let you know when its right to take the picture ? Autofocus Sonar Rangefinder-automatically sets distance, lens aperture and shutter speed for clear, sharp pictures ? Autoflash-mixes just the right amount of flash without ambient light for pleasing exposures every time. Automatic fill-flash eliminates harsh shadows from daylight pictures. ? Coated Glass Lens Autofocus...Advanced sonar ranging system provides extra clarity and sharpness, from 2 feet to infinity Electronic viewfinder...Displays distance and exposure information Autoflash/Fill-Flash...Full flash range from 2 to 15 feet Quintic lens...Advanced lens has 10 focus zones (ranges 2 feet to infinity) LCD Control Panel...You are in control: ? Self Timer ? Electronic Flash ? Autofocus ? Audio Signals ? Exposure Adjustment ? Time Exposures ? Backlighting ? Sequential Pictures ? Multiple Exposures ? Selector Controls ? Picture Counter ? Flash Indicator

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