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Soft Bicycle Seats - Used Kids Dirt Bike - Used Commuter Bikes

Soft Bicycle Seats

soft bicycle seats

    bicycle seats
  • (bicycle seat) a seat for the rider of a bicycle

  • yielding readily to pressure or weight

  • easy: in a relaxed manner; or without hardship; "just wanted to take it easy" (`soft' is nonstandard)

  • Softly

  • compassionate and kind; conciliatory; "he was soft on his children"

  • In a weak or foolish way

Hurry Up!

Hurry Up!

... and lets go! I run Wolfy almost every day on the bicycle and springer, between two and five miles. We have been using it around a month now, and I can report that I am delighted with the springer attachment - he hasn't once had me off of the bike (although in a few bushes while chasing rabbits around muddy trails). Wolfy loves it!

I would highly recommend the springer to any house-husky owner who needs to exercise their dog on leash. The only modifications that I had to make are a) I had to mount it a little high - on the actual seat pole rather than further down, as my cheap bike uses a press steel frame, and b) I replaced the safety line with a solid neck line. Wolfy is too strong for anything else.

As for training - Wolfy got the hang of it almost immediately. I give him gee and haw commands to let him know which way we are turning. He runs on soft ground, and does most of the hauling - at speed. He also runs a little on the road, if we are going somewhere that he wants to go, such as the pet store. Traffic doesn't bother him.

Minivelo with Front "Childseat"

Minivelo with Front

A soft cloth "Pokemon" shoe bag pulled snug over the front rack makes for a nice comfortable seat for my son.

It is actually very stable with him up front and we get to talk to each other on the way to school. He is 5 years old and has no problem holding on - plus, we go slow and he always wears his helmut. A couple of times here in Yokohama I`ve seen "properly" seated kids topple over because the big *Mama charis" they were strapped into were too top heavy for the parent to handle .

soft bicycle seats

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