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Cheap Guild Wars Gold

cheap guild wars gold

    guild wars
  • When players in two or more guilds wish to declare war on each other, frequently for roleplaying purposes, they can do so through the guild system. The guild war can be set up to end after a certain time period, a certain number of kills, or can be set to last indefinitely.

  • Guild Wars is an episodic series of online role-playing games developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Although often defined as an MMORPG, the developers define it as a CORPG due to notable differences from the MMORPG genre.

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cheap guild wars gold - Guild Wars

Guild Wars Game of the Year

Guild Wars Game of the Year

Presenting Guild Wars a Competitive Online Role Playing Game with an emphasis on tactical combat. In single player multiplayer and guild-based missions players will explore a fantasy world while pursuing professions and gaining skills that help them develop and advance their unique character.Guild Wars is the first title from Seattle-based ArenaNet which was founded by key members of the creative teams behind the hit games Warcraft StarCraft and Diablo as well as Battle.net the most-successful gaming network in the world.Guild Wars offers cooperative group combat single player missions and large head-to-head guild battles. While each combat experience will be different achievements will be permanent so that the character grows and progresses over time. Unique items special abilities and a wide variety of skills add meaningful value for the player and for his comrades. Missions are not scripted adventures but are tactical battlegrounds where victory or loss is determined by skill and teamwork.Free Online Play (Internet Connection Required)System Requirements:Minimum: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent 256 MB RAM GeForce 2 class video card with 32 MB RAM 250 MB hard drive space Internet connection Recommended: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent 256 MB RAM GeForce 3 class video card with 64 MB RAM 250 MB hard drive space Internet ConnectionFormat: WIN XPVISTA Genre: ENTERTAINMENT UPC: 892566000507 Manufacturer No: FGXP000501

83% (19)

Guild Wars

Guild Wars

A ArenaNet foi fundada por criadores do servico Battle.net, da Blizzard. Agora, a empresa esta criando um novo MMORPG com jogabilidade e modelo de negocios originais. Trata-se de "Guild Wars", que trara muitas novidades.

A maior caracteritistica de "Guild Wars" e, como o nome denuncia, o estimulo que o jogador tem de formar clas. Formado um grupo, ha diversos modos de jogo para encarar, como uma guerra entre clas e missoes competitivas. O jogo premia a habilidade nata de cada jogador, nao sendo necessario jogar horas e horas para ganhar experiencia.

Cada missao e ambiente comportam ate 8 habilidades. Entao, a chave para a vitoria nao esta nos individuos, mas num grupo que possua habilidades equilibradas, que atuem de forma complementar. Claro que, quem tem mais tempo de jogo possui uma gama maior de habilidade para escolher mas o peso maior esta na estrategia.

Ha tambem um modo para um jogador, mas tambem e online pois o seu personagem e o mesmo em todos os modos. Agora, nao e necessario ficar cacando patches pois o servidor manda os dados em streaming, isto e, em tempo real. Assim, o cenario mais recente e mandado para o computador do jogador.

O modelo de negocios tambem e diferente. Nao e necessario pagar uma taxa mensal para jogar "Guild Wars". Como e um jogo que estimula a formacao de grupos, quanto mais gente melhor, diz a softhouse. O dinheiro vira da venda do jogo propriamente dito e de cenarios de expansao.

A ArenaNet tambem criou um comunicador instantaneo exclusivo para o game.

Configuracao Minima
Processador: Pentium III 800 MHz ou Athlon equivalente
RAM: 256 MB de memoria
Video: 32 MB
Espaco em disco: 2,0 GB livres em disco

Configuracao Recomendada

Processador: Pentium IV 1,0 GHz ou Athlon equivalente
RAM: 512 MB de memoria
Video: 64 MB

Sistema Operacional: Windows 2000/ME/XP

Guild Wars Character - Radiant Jade Lily

Guild Wars Character - Radiant Jade Lily

This is my newest Guild Wars character, a Monk/Warrior. She's pretty keen, and I'll probably be playing her with Jen and Obie through the game.

cheap guild wars gold

cheap guild wars gold

Guild Wars Nightfall (Bonus Pack - Presell)

Guild Wars Nightfall is the roleplaying game gamers have been waiting for - an intimate, heroic experience where your decisions shape your personal game experience and your customizable party becomes an extension of your charater. With more than two million copies sold worldwide. Guild Wars is the award-winning epic roleplaying game that revolutionized online gaming with its free gameplay. Guild Wars Nightfall is the next campaign in the award-winning Guild Wars epic that revolutionized online roleplaying and captured the adventurous hearts of millions of players worldwide. Guild Wars Nightfall is a stand-alone game featuring a rich story line, adventurous guests and strategic missions in which the gameplay experience will be determined through various story options and the decisions of the players. You will create and customize your own adventure.

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