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Get Moving Walking For Weight Loss

get moving walking for weight loss

    weight loss
  • Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.

  • "Weight Loss" is the fifth season premiere of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's seventy-third (and seventy-fourth) episode overall.

  • Weight Loss is a 2006 novel by Upamanyu Chatterjee.

    get moving
  • get cracking: start to be active; "Get cracking, please!"

  • Use similar movements but of a different part of one's body or a support

  • walk: the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"

  • walk-to(a): close enough to be walked to; "walking distance"; "the factory with the big parking lotis more convenient than the walk-to factory"

  • (walk) use one's feet to advance; advance by steps; "Walk, don't run!"; "We walked instead of driving"; "She walks with a slight limp"; "The patient cannot walk yet"; "Walk over to the cabinet"

  • Go on foot for recreation and exercise

  • Move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once

get moving walking for weight loss - Get Moving

Get Moving - Walking for Weight Loss

Get Moving - Walking for Weight Loss

A cardio walking workout is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to speed metabolism and lose weight. But weather and busy schedules can make it hard to get outside or fit a cardio workout into your day. Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss integrates fitness-walking movements with low-impact aerobics techniques, creating energizing 10-minute indoor workouts almost anyone can do anytime, anywhere. By eliminating common reasons for skipping workouts and increasing your strength and metabolism, Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss helps you lose weight fast. Created and guided by award-winning certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis, this unique workout program shows you how to boost the fat- and calorie-burning power of fitness walking and fit it into your schedule. Each workout includes a two-minute strengthening segment to help you build and shape lean muscle, boost calorie-burning efficiency and keep your fitness routine balanced. Studies show that three 10-minute workouts deliver the same fitness and health benefits as a single 30 minute workout. With four 10-minute segments you can do together or separately ‹ plus a Custom Workout feature that makes it easy to build your own workouts ‹ this weight loss workout program fits perfectly into a busy life. And that means you?ll stick with your plan, reach your goals and find it easier to maintain your healthiest weight for life. The Deluxe DVD Edition Includes: € Three 10-minute walking workout segments ‹ each with 8 minutes of cardio and 2 minutes of strength conditioning.

85% (18)

the length of this is why it took getting 20 of these tagged emails before i got so tired of seeing them that i caved...

the length of this is why it took getting 20 of these tagged emails before i got so tired of seeing them that i caved...

1 – Totally obsessive. Anything I that I like, be it a book, a movie, a performer, a hobby, a relationship, a job, I throw myself into it with full force. I prefer to think of it as passionate rather than obsessive. ;-)

2 – I have two favorite things to do in this life – sleep, and take scalding hot showers. Often, when I wake up from a long sleep, and immediately jump into a really warm shower, I think of how ideally, I could combine the two. I want someone to build me a bathtub that stays really warm all the time, that I could somehow sleep in without drowning.

3 – Somehow managed to lose most of the close friends I’ve made over the course of my life. It makes me sad regularly, but not so sad that I have trouble living my life. Mostly, I blame the loss on them. I feel like I’m still the exact same person I was at 8, 13, or 18… it’s everyone else that’s changed. But, maybe they’re the normal ones… and I’m not?

4 – Which brings us to, I’ve always felt like a total outsider in the world -- convinced that I don’t think or feel about things the way that others do... But, I’ve also always secretly thought that I’m just better and smarter than the rest of those people.

5 – I’ve seen over 1500 theatrical productions in my life. I cannot fathom how anyone could not be spellbound by live theater. I wish I had some sort of talent… but, I don’t. I’ve come to accept that though, and now I’m just happy that I found theater and made a place for it in my life. It bugs me that crappy movie actors make 20 million dollars for their shit work in shit movies… I could name 50 performers that could act them into the ground any day of the week… while singing and dancing.

6 – The show I’ve seen most in my life was the Twyla Tharp/Billy Joel ballet ‘Movin Out’ – I saw it 150 times over 3 years and I was never, ever, for one second, bored at a performance. Were it still running, I’m pretty sure I’d still be seeing it on a weekly basis. I’ve seen ‘Movin Out’ in NYC, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Hartford, Providence, Boston, Hershey, DC, Baltimore, Toronto, Newark… and possibly some other places I can’t remember right now.

6 – Because of my varying degrees of obsessiveness, I have seriously massive debt. The kind that should keep a person up at night. I once dug my way out of it, only to do it all over again. For some reason, I don’t worry about it all that much… but, I should.

7 – I’ve never felt a great desire to live anywhere other than where I live right now. This, doubtless, makes me strange. I don’t mind my family. When they bother me, I ignore them. So, I didn’t go away to college, and, I didn’t move out. But, if someone wants to buy me 1.5 million dollar apartment in Manhattan (and give me a parking space for my car), I’ll pack my bags in an instant.

8 – Identified, years and years ago, while still quite young, the two qualities that I find sexiest in a guy: accent (preferably British or Scottish) and piano playing ability. In later years, this was also, without my knowledge at first, and certainly without my free will, amended to include homosexuality. Yep, the guys I find most attractive… are not in any way into girls.

9 – Never liked pets until I saw the face of a cavalier king charles spaniel pup. Didn’t particularly care for the dog I had for 17 years while growing up… but, really care for the dog I have now. That said, I am not a good pet owner. I like talking to my dog and taking pictures of him and playing sometimes… but, if I lived alone, I wouldn’t have a dog. I’m too irresponsible. I wouldn’t get up off my ass to walk or feed a dog. I tend to leave the responsibility part to other people 90% of the time.

10 – Which bring us to children. Could never have them. There is absolutely no way in heaven or hell that I’d ever devote that much time and effort to a being that wasn’t myself. Jesus, the more and more I write this, the worse a person I sound like.

11 – Writing the statement above secretly makes me nervous. Not because I think I do, deep down, want a kid… I don’t. But, I fear that when I’m really old, no one will be around to take care of me. The idea of being old and alone doesn’t bother me, I can entertain myself. But, the idea of being old and incapacitated bothers me… especially since there are suddenly a bunch of incapacitated grandparents around me.

12 – In addition to theater, I am really really passionate about music and films. But, I’ve never really found another person who likes exactly the same kind that I do… My sister would come the closest… and, I guess that’s close enough.

13 – Even though we fight all the time, sometimes even physically (at our age!), my sister is definitely my bestest friend. We always make each other laugh. We’ve spent nearly every moment of our lives together and so no one else in this world knows me as well!

14 – Current obsession embarrasses me to no end. Yep, the Twlight crap. I totally and completely consider m

Oscar: 1991–2007

Oscar: 1991–2007

We put Oscar in the earth today.

Despite the name, Oscar was a girl, and every inch a princess. Gwen tells the story of when she first got her. Gwen was living in Minneapolis, and the mother cat's owners (who called Oscar "Whiner"), brought her over to Gwen's place. Oscar was the runt of the litter, but as soon as she was released in Gwen's apartment, she walked around the room, sniffed everything, jumped up on a table, knocked something over, and then came over to Gwen, got up on her hind legs, and gave Gwen an affectionate head-butt. This was her most endearing habit, and often used in the years that followed to defuse anger at, say, knocking something over. In that moment, Oscar became Gwen's cat.

A year or so later, Gwen moved to Austin, and moved around in Austin quite a bit after that. Oscar was her one constant companion. She added another cat, Kevin, to her household, and when Gwen and I got together, we wound up with three cats between us. Hence the king-sized bed.

Oscar had been a svelte 17 pounds in her prime, but once she hit a certain age, she started losing weight, and her kidneys started shutting down. Ironically, the weight loss made it easier for Oscar to get into trouble, which she did, jumping up to places she couldn't reach when she was heavier but younger. She often found ways of getting into trouble specifically to push our buttons, to let us know it was time for a snack or something. As infuriating as she could be in these moments, she always made us laugh (either at her or ourselves) because her needling was so transparent, and yet so effective.

Over the past four days or so, she lost interest in eating (apart from barbecued chicken from Hoover's) and became much quieter. Gwen took her to the vet and found that her blood urea nitrogen level (an indicator of kidney function) was off the scale. The vet said Oscar had "days or weeks."

With much grief and second-guessing, we made the decision to euthanize her, and this afternoon, after a snack of barbecued chicken, the vet came over and ended her life. We are both wrecked.

It's a hell of a thing, having pets. You take them in as cute companions, knowing in the back of your mind that some day, a day like this will arrive. And when it happens, you're completely unprepared.

(from Gwen) It's impossible to sum up a life together in a few paragraphs. Oscar has slept by my side (or, more often, on my pillow) for 16 years. She's made me laugh, pissed me off, purred in my ear at 5 a.m., and today licked my tears while we were hanging out together for her last few hours. I hope I can always remember the smell of her head, in the sweet soft spot between her ears that tickled my nose at the beginning of endearing-for-life head-butt. And I hope her cat friend Kevin, who has always been "Kevin and Oscar" will find some way to be Kevin. Rest well, Oscar. Piggy. Pig Pig. Muffin. Pig-a-Muff. Muffy. Muff Muff. Schmooky. Schmook.

get moving walking for weight loss

get moving walking for weight loss

New Fitness Elliptical Trainer Exercise Bike Elliptical Machine

You are viewing a Brand New Premium Fitness Elliptical Trainer. We purchase our products directly from the manufacture, passing all the savings to you. Typically these elliptical trainers can reach up to $349.99. Feel free to look around ebay, you will find that we have the lowest prices online. Buy from us and save BIG!! This bike has gone through strict quality inspection. We can assure you that you will be very satisfied.
Brand new in retail packaging
The Elliptical exercise bike provides a total body (legs, hips, buttocks, arms & shoulders), low-impact, cardiovascular workout for all family members, regardless of ability level
Your feet move in a natural elliptical motion, providing a no-impact workout for less stress on the joints.
While walking and grasping the poles that move in conjunction with your leg motion, you will be working out your arms, chest, back, hips and legs.
Unit is portable
(Time, Speed, Distance & Calories
Adjustable resistance. (Forward and reverse motion)
User weight limit: 240lbs
Unit weight: 65lbs
Assembled Dimensions: 24" W, 34" L, 60" H

Premium Quality that will last for years
Includes tools and manual for easy installation
Guaranteed positive results

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