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10 Hottest Toys For Christmas - Most Popular Toys Christmas 2011 - Creative Toys For Boys

10 Hottest Toys For Christmas

10 hottest toys for christmas

99/365 '999'

99/365 '999'

Submitted for November's MSH category 'Hot Spot!'

Day 99

16th November

Can't believe I'm almost at day 100! Today I was playing around with black card taped onto my lens to try and get shaped Bokeh. I had no success. I'm not sure that my kit lens is up to the job!? Any ideas, it'll only let me get to f4.5 on aperture....is that the problem?

I was using this toy fire engine to try and get some focus at foreground and out of focus christmas lights at the back and whilst there was no funny shaped bokeh in the original picture I liked the result . I thought the lights looked like fire behind the engine and I have layered this with another pic of the bokeh from the lights, which I felt added to it :)

Also, as I'm on day 99 I thought the whole 999 for the emergency services fitted well!

On the first day of Christmas my totally awesome Aunt and Uncle gave to me....

On the first day of Christmas my totally awesome Aunt and Uncle gave to me....

We outdid ourselves this year. Every year I come up with a theme for our 17 neices and nephew's gifts. It keeps me focused, and even though that sounds challenging, its so much easier with a narrower focus. This year being the handmade holidays and all, we re-wrote the classic "12 days of Christmas" Chachula style.

So not to give away too much, since my family does like to see what we are up to, my neices and nephews are getting "The chachula 12 days of Christmas with a bonus gift of one night of Hanukkah." Needless to say I can't wait for them to get these, so I can share what we filled in ea bag/ tin/ box. Each day is filled with something special to cheer, to make them laugh, or to keep them ; and all made from our crafty resources. Can't wait!

10 hottest toys for christmas

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Cool toys for 1 year old boys : Cheap preschool toys

Cool Toys For 1 Year Old Boys

cool toys for 1 year old boys

Chihuahua A274045

Chihuahua A274045

Chihuahua, male, unaltered, approx 4 years old, stray – reddish brown colored, prick ears. I’m calling this boy “Chill” because he is a very cool little dude! I was able to enter his kennel and leash him with no coaxing. He walked very politely on lead. Tolerated all my handling including teeth and hug. He was not interested in toys or food during eval. I never heard a whine or a bark out of him! When I left him alone, I noted no separation anxiety. In the shelter he is a pretty low energy boy, but I have a feeling he will be more active in a relaxed home. According to ACC notes, OV passed him on behavior but medical made him “sick 1” due to a luxating patella. I whole-heartedly recommend this guy for rescue! - I took him out to the yard today (11/11) and he ran and played. Real cute. He favors his rear left leg a little. sweet dog.

cool toys for 1 year old boys

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Chew toys for children - Haba toys.

Chew Toys For Children

chew toys for children

chewing gum dispenser

chewing gum dispenser

I remember those candy+toy automats were really popular back in my childhood years. they haven?t changed since and I am wondering for a long time now, why they are still out there. its like the old water pumps in Berlin, they are still running. I like that.

Rainbow Child

Rainbow Child

19/04/09 - New place, (my) new toy, familiar guests. SD-600 finally arrives, and the new white painted walls prove great for bouncing. This shot stood out for it's colours, shapes, and thoughtful expression.

chew toys for children

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14 worst toys for girls - New toys out.

14 Worst Toys For Girls

14 worst toys for girls

. A little princess .

. A little princess .

My daughter is SUCH A GIRL! She wanted us to play "tea party". She wanted to dress up in her princess dress, wear her princess heels and wear a tiara. She had the full attire. She wanted me to wear one of her princess dresses - the snow white one - but I'm afraid it's too small for me... LOL!!! Just a teensie-weensie bit. LOL I love how she has SUCH an imagination now. Sometimes, she wears me out, I'll be honest... but gosh, I'm so blessed to be a mommy to this beautiful little girl. We're spending a LOT of quality time together. Hubby's away due to military so we're both pretty bored without him but spending lots of time playing. *hehe* I was a bit of in a slump yesterday but then I realized, we have to make the best of things. And I have to remember that it's not all about me - once again! LOL Life goes on and she doesn't understand all that's going on so I gotta suck it up and have fun. Be happy - FOR HER. Hope you've all had a blessed weekend so far.

Oh and did I already tell you how much I love my D700??? lmbo!!! Full frame ROCKS. This was taken at 1600 ISO. It's pretty cloudy here today. Didn't even have to do much editing in Photoshop. Just ran an action, edited a tinsie bit to my liking and VOILA! Nothing against CANON but I'd spend much more time editing pics when I shot Canon. Now? Not so much. YAY! It is what it is...

P.S.S. - My bad. It wasn't at 1600 ISO but at 2500!!! yeah, amazing.

the 50 best films of 2007 (or roughly so)

the 50 best films of 2007 (or roughly so)

yeah, there are many i didn't see... but from what i did see... here are the 50 best, and 5 worst...
1. No Country For Old Men
2. There Will Be Blood
3. Into the Wild
4. Juno
5. Rescue Dawn
6. Wristcutters: A Love Story
7. The Lives of Others
8. 3:10 to Yuma
9. Atonement
10. The Savages
11. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
12. Superbad
13. Knocked Up
14. The Darjeeling Limited
15. I’m Not There
16. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
17. Grindhouse
18. Shoot ‘Em Up
19. American Gangster
20. The Lookout
21. Oceans 13
22. 2 Days In Paris
23. Hot Fuzz
24. Sunshine
25. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
26. I Am Legend
27. Sicko
28. Waitress
29. Lars and the Real Girl
30. Margot At the Wedding
31. Sweeny Todd
32. The Simpsons Movie
33. This is England
34. 28 Weeks Later
35. Eastern Promises
36. Michael Clayton
37. Ratatouille
38. Nightwatch
39. Spiderman 3
40. Gone Baby Gone
41. Stardust
42. 300
43. Live Free or Die Hard
44. Beowulf
45. The Golden Compass
46. Across the Universe
47. Transformers
48. The Bucketlist
49. The Brave One
50. You Kill Me

The worst
1. Southland Tales
2. Good Luck Chuck
3. Evan Almighty
4. Because I Said So
5. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

14 worst toys for girls

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China Toys Market : The Most Popular Toys In 2011.

China Toys Market

china toys market

Made in China

Made in China

This is the sort of stuff I associated Hong Kong with when I was a child in the eighties. Every second toy I saw said "Made in Hong Kong". This elaborate display at a market in Li Yuen St West features toys probably mostly made in China - Hong Kong cannot compete in cost effectiveness anymore.

Toy Market of Beijing

Toy Market of Beijing

A famous toy market of Beijing, captured with Harry Lee

china toys market

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Hottest Toys For Boys. Buy Little People Toys

Hottest Toys For Boys

hottest toys for boys

"Now I see the funny side. Now I'm always smiling!"

After starring in Columbia's A Knight's Tale (2001), Heath had quite a crisis in his life all of a sudden. I think this long and honest quote of his describes perfectly how much he disliked being type-casted as teenage heartthrob and having his career "manufactured" by others.

"We filmed in Prague, but I didn't take it too seriously. I was 19, we drank and partied, I was often hungover, it was all a romp.

Then, when we finished, my agent, Steve Alexander, says Columbia wants to discuss the promotion campaign. I go, 'Eeehh?'

We go to this huge boardroom table meeting with 15 people in suits, and huge posters of me captioned, 'He Will Rock You.' I'm freaking out.

They outline their plan for the release ... we're sending you around America, to 20 states, then 20 countries around the world ... and I got this two-hour spiel on how they were turning me into Columbia's new It boy.

They offered me ridiculous amounts of money to make franchise movies, Spiderman to James Bond. Studios do this - find one person, invest a lot of money in him like a product, own and make money off him. At the end it was, 'So kid, whaddya think?'

I couldn't speak. I left the boardroom, found a bathroom, shut the door, and just started crying. After a while, Steve comes in and calls slowly: 'Heeeaath.' I tell Steve I can't do it, I don't want my life to be in their hands, I'm not ready to be seen on such a grand scale, I can't act well enough yet. I don't want a career handed to me on a platter, it's too easy, it wouldn't be mine because I haven't earned it. It feels wrong.

The shit hit the fan. I had Amy Pascal, head of Columbia Pictures, on the phone to me ... 'Listen kid, hear this, your career will be over, you'll never work again, you'll never live again unless you do this for me.'

I dig Amy now, we've been through a lot of battles and she's cool, but that time was so heavy. In the end I agreed to do part of the promotion tour only - providing they flew my family and Perth friends to America for two weeks.

How many friends? Fourteen! They did it."

(The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2006)

~ o ~

Picture is a test shot of my beloved and more than incredible HOT TOYS Joker action figure that I got a month or so ago. I'm planning a special photo shoot revolving around it. There are no words to express how stunning the figure is, not to mention how excited I am about my pre-ordered Bank Robber Joker version as well (that even surpasses this one as far as resemblance to Heath is concerned). I am in love. It's been a while since an action figure made me feel like this. I'm a complete HOT TOYS fangirl, falling for their expensive figures! They so have me in their clutches. *hears an evil cackle*

Edited backgrounds are either from The Dark Knight movie or Heath Ledger articles (for that collage-y look).


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

For a scavenger hunt in one of my groups. I needed a picture of a toy which was one of the items I had to photograph...What better toy (at least for a boy) than "Hot Wheels". I had these when I was but a munchkin, so here is my toy. Pulled out the other cars out of the garage, "parked" the Ferrari in the garage, (Its even cool saying that), turned off all the lights, put up a black foam core board and lit the Ferrari with single LED Flashlight.

Cue the song of the day:

Here he comes
Her comes Speed Racer
He's a demon on wheels
He's a demon and he's gonna be chasin' after someone.

He's gainin' on you so you better look alive.
He's busy revvin' up a powerful Mach 5.

And when the odds are against him
And there's dangerous work to do
You bet your life Speed Racer
Will see it through.

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer, Go!

He's off and flyin' as he guns the car around the track
He's jammin' down the pedal like he's never comin' back
Adventure's waitin' just ahead.

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer, Go!

Song: Theme Song from Speed Racer

© 2008 White Shadow Photography. All Rights Reserved.

hottest toys for boys

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Eco Friendly Toys - Dog Alien Hot Toys - Desktop Fun Toys.

Eco Friendly Toys

eco friendly toys

5/365 Elly shows off a Sprig Toys eco-friendly truck!

5/365  Elly shows off a Sprig Toys eco-friendly truck!

One of Pearl's gifts from Santa, a fantastic vehicle made by Sprig Toys ~ an eco-friendly truck, constructed from recycled pieces/parts :) Merri Eloise had to let her hair down for this photo :)

Swadeshi Joy Space ... natural yarn, handloom fabric and redymade soft toys, bags and eco-friendly garments in Saligao, Goa

Swadeshi Joy Space ... natural yarn, handloom fabric and redymade soft toys, bags and eco-friendly garments in Saligao, Goa

Photo copyleft by Frederick FN Noronha. May be copied for non-commercial purposes. Attribution. Non-Commercial. For all other purposes contact fn at goa-india dot org

eco friendly toys

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Cool toys men - Push ride on toys - Fisher price dora and diego toys.

Cool Toys Men

cool toys men

Day 37/365: Burger Toys

Day 37/365: Burger Toys

Sometimes I think that the only reason mom and dad have kids is because they need an excuse to buy Kids' Meals at McDonald's and Burger King. For all the cool toys, of course!

The problem is that promotions don't last nearly long enough, and we never manage to get all the different toys before they start a new one!

We got Ice Age stuff, lots of Sponge Bob stuff (they did two Sponge Bob promos), and now there's this Iron Man thing. Who's ever heard of Iron Man? Oh, well, at least the silver robot is kinda cool... it walks and everything!

Hot Toys Battle Damaged Iron Man Mark III

Hot Toys Battle Damaged Iron Man Mark III

The flare dispenser is also a weak point of the figure. As cool as it is as a feature as unpredictable it is. Sometimes those guys pop up by themselves. Sometimes only the small rods come out.

cool toys men

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Science Toys For Children - Frog Plush Toys - Iron Man 2 War Machine Hot Toys.

Science Toys For Children

science toys for children

Toy Ball

Toy Ball

For one High School Science Project we had to make a toy that was suitable for young children. I deciided to make this ball pictured here. The idea came from the book also pictured here. The measurements for the material were made from the template shown in the book....

close-up on PLAY-BIG German Toy Box

close-up on PLAY-BIG German Toy Box

This is an incredibly realistic operating theater for a children's toy. The two problems: 1) is Play-Big (or PLAY-BIG) just a Playmobil knockoff? and 2) that sad person in the foreground HEY THERE YOU ARE RUINING THE STERILE FIELD.

science toys for children

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How To Make Vinyl Toys

how to make vinyl toys

"Observation Drone (Wave 1 - Lawn Green)" - 3" Dunny

Custom Dunny by Cris Rose


"The MK1 Observation Drone was a very popular model, famed for it's clarity and robust build quality, so it wasn't long before the Mk2 was developed. Given a completely new head full of optics, these units were more compact, longer lasting and with greater mobility. One of the biggest problems with the Mk1s was that many were often damaged by predator attacks. When deployed in forests or jungles, many were jumped on from behind by Bears, large Cats and irate Squirrels. Making them bigger would have solved this problem, but would have seriously impacted their covert nature, so instead a trick learnt from the humble butterfly was employed. The rear cooling ports were fashioned into the appearance of eyes and the filter unit, a nose, tricking predators into believing they were looking at the front instead. No more sneak-attacks! As a last resort for the bold or persistent animals, two Tesla Coils were mounted on top of the unit with the ability to arc 160,000 Volts between them. Most animals considered a shock of this magnitude not worth their time no matter how many tasty, chewable wires lay inside"


Wave: 1 Colour: Lawn Green
Run: 6 only
Material: Custom 3" Dunny consisting of vinyl body and 100% original resin head sculpt, acylic paint, spraypaint
Accessory: 4 come with matching 3" resin CR factory sign, 2 come with matching 5" resin ROSE factory sign, deployed at random
Release: Wednesday August 12th @ 18:00 London time

Yay!! The boys are happy!!

Yay!! The boys are happy!!

April 4, 2011-Yay!! The boys are happy! I wanted to see how Gena and Cheburashka were doing being on their own. Much to my delight they are getting along fabulously. You can even see the happiness in Cheburashka’s eyes. As we visited they also told me that they wanted to move in here so they can be closer to the family and that they still want to go to the zoo every day and volunteer their time. Such good guys they are! I was more than thrilled that way we would all be together and that is something big for Gena as he was alone for so long. So I am happy to report they are doing great! (Day 94:365 @sharkbayte)

how to make vinyl toys

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Learning toys catalog - Hot toys for 2011 - John deere toys nz.

Learning Toys Catalog

learning toys catalog

Beautiful Velvet Vintage Ideal Doll Christmas Wishes

Beautiful Velvet Vintage Ideal Doll Christmas Wishes

When I was little we had no money, seriously not knowing how we were getting food on the table .I'm not asking for sympathy btw that’s just how life was. I didn't actually realize we had less than most until I was an adult and realized that pancakes for dinner wasn't a treat it was because all we had was flour & eggs and maybe some brown sugar LOL.
Well one year when I was in about grade 2 or 3 my dad finally got a really good job. We bought a house we had “things”. That Christmas was dream like for me.

We didn’t believe in Santa I had always known that the things in my stocking and under the tree were from my parents. I knew that they had to pay for them, and although I never FELT poor I was acutely aware that things cost money and that money was not easy to come by.

That year my brother and I had done what all Children of that era did, lay on the living room floor searching through the Sear Wishbook marking the things we wanted for Christmas. I had seen commercials (at a friends home mind you we had not TV till I was 13 … but that’s another story) for Beautiful Velvet with her growing blond hair, adorable purple velvet outfit, and amazing violet eyes. I wanted her so badly, but realized she was an expensive doll.

So we marked up the catalogue made our wishes, dreamed our dreams and truly did not expect to get any of the things we asked for. That’s not nearly as sad as it may sound. Learning to dream about things you want and window shopping is still one of my favourite things to do. My kids have learned this simple pleasure too.

That Christmas morning was like something out of a movie for me. When my brother and I woke up at the crack of dawn and raced down stairs there in the living room was virtually EVERYTHING we had asked for. I remember just stopping the door way and staring dumb founded. I had never in my life gotten EVERYTHING I had asked for, and there in the centre of the room was Velvet in her funky box, perfect and pristine.

This truly was the one magical X-mas of my life, and what I think of when people say Christmas.

Velvet lived with me for many years, but finally went the way of most toys of our youth. She left me in a yard sale, and I hope made some other little girls as happy as she had made me.
I was as pleased as that first Christmas when a dear friend of mine sent me one of her collection after reading my story. She now stays in my collection smiling her knowing smile and being just as beautiful as she was that first Christmas morning she found me.

So that being said, what is you one “real Present” that stayed with you through the years? Not physically but the one toy you will hold in your heart forever? What memory makes you smile? What magic moment that allows you to be little again? Mine is a Christmas story but your might be a birthday or Chanukah or any other holiday. Come on share the magic!



I haven't been "flickr'ing" for a while now, but I sure has been making progress in photography lately. Just so I still kinda stay in touch with my friends and for the sake of keeping myself in check, here's what's been happening lately:

I took the advice from a friend and started more actively searching for opportunities to work in the field of photography, and went on an interview with a wedding studio. I feel that I'm at the stage where my work should be valued at a price, but I'm lacking some experience to become entirely confident to shoot a wedding on my own. If I get lucky, this might help me bridge the gap gaining some experience and hopefully help the deflation of my wallet while I continue to collect appropriate equipment for my learning.

I have also been getting some work on product photography. Nothing fancy, but just some regular, simple white background set shots for catalogs. It's not exactly the highest paying job out there, but hey it's also something that helps me build experience in a long run. I also met with a customer on my main job which turns out that he might become a bigger customer for my product photography.

Oh yea you guys have been quite kind to my work lately. I'm getting lots of inquiries to either request to use my work for free, or asking to buy the rights to use my pictures. I'm flattered, and i really thank you for the support. (I still remember I was going to frame the first dollar I make with photography but I dunno where it went after I moved...)

Flash... I've been living with my Nikon speedlight lately. I'm toying with the idea of trading in one of my SB600(s) in exchange for an Alien Bee. But then I'm turned off by the cost of the accessories to come - large softbox, light meter, reflectors, reflector holders, stands, backdrop, and the list goes on and on.

I sold my Sigma 28-70mm F/2.8 EX lens and the Benro ballhead I was using, and the funds are going right back for an upgrade (it better be...) - Tokina 16-50 F/2.8. I really need a nice mid-range zoom I can rely on for event photography. I can't really get away with an ultra-wide + 50mm F/1.8 for too much longer.

Work: I'm actually making progress on that also. I'm getting much more work than last couple of months all of a sudden (which isn't surprising...) But then I'm now running into a dilemma of time management on where I'm really trying to head in my career. We'll see what happens... whatever keeps me fed I suppose. :)

That's all for now. Keep in touch my flcikr friends! :)

p.s. This is one of the 50 shots I took of my neighbor's flower. Nothing extraordinary, but out of all those unflattering different shots I do like this the most. Maybe this will go onto my wall shortly. *grin*

strobist: SB600 shot through a white umbrella on camera left and above

learning toys catalog

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Iron man toys 2011. Best toys for 9 year old boys. Weird toys for adults.

Iron Man Toys 2011

iron man toys 2011

Iron Man!

Iron Man!

The perks of working at Gamestop, aside from the major discounts, is the fact that we get first dibs on ALL display items. Including posters, boxes, and even the reservation gifts that you get when you preorder games.

So, from the Iron Man video game, I got this! Shiny :D He is rather tall. I am 5'10, and he comes up to the bottom of my neck.

Iron Man by ThreadedThoughts

Iron Man by ThreadedThoughts

Iron Man.
A 1935 socialist statue of a bare-chested miner with inflated pecs and the inscription, “Dedicated To Those Virile Men The Copper Miners Whose Contribution To The Development Of The Wealth And Lore Of The State Of Arizona Has Been Magnificent”
Bisbee, Arizona

iron man toys 2011

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tyco sesame street toys

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Old And New Toys : Top Boys Toys 2011 : Best New Toys 2011.

Old And New Toys

old and new toys

the new toy!

the new toy!

a good old 35mm ilford camera from 1959! i bought it today in a photo store in mannheim for 10 euros (it was love on first sight!!!)!! Amazing good price :) i bought a ISO 400 b&w film and already shot a few shots with it. cant wait to get the photos developed!!!

she looks so beautiful doesnt she?!?

gonna start for a night panorama high shot tonight in ludwigshafen and ill take her with me :D

My New Toy (Side View)

My New Toy (Side View)

My old point & shoot was getting a little bit dated... Ok, that and it was starting to have a few problems. Solution: I had frequent flyer points, and the catalog had the point and shoot that I had already decided I wanted. The result? I'm now the proud new owner of a little Stylus 790SW.

old and new toys

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Mastermind toys toronto - Meerkat cuddly toys - Cool toys for 5 year old boys.

Mastermind Toys Toronto

mastermind toys toronto



Just want to say a big thank you to all the regulars who view my photos everyday. Most of the time I have very low self esteem and your comments mean a lot.

Pardon my French, but f*ck Playstation and Nintendo. Mastermind will conquer all!

I remember trying to play this with a friend from junior school and it took him ages to 'crack' my code. I should have realised he was a bit slow on the uptake when he started repeating sequences he'd tried about 3 minutes before. Needless to say, he was a bit dim but had a lovely heart.

Are there many games that kids play now that actually requires a bit of thinking and logic? I suppose Rockband does teach you how to play the guitar....if the guitar were a piece of plastic with 8 buttons on it and actually made no sound or required skill and intense practice.

I am a grumpy git already at age 28 but I don't see the point in Guitar Hero and all that shit. if you want to be a guitar hero, I've got a little tip for you......learn to play the guitar! :o) Maybe it inspires kids to pick up the guitar later in their life but we don't have a shortage of guitarists in the world, we don't need new mediocre ones, give me a real guitar hero, give me the next Hendrix!

I enjoyed that rant. To think, it all came from an innocent photo of a game of Mastermind!

Please ensure you gain my permission before using this photograph elsewhere. Thank you.



Sarah and I relived a teenage memory and spent a few hours tonight playing Mastermind in her living room. The time that went on was directly proportional to the amount of time we needed to spend thinking of our solutions.

mastermind toys toronto

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tmnt toys 2011

musical cot toys

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Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland Toys : Best Toys For 4 Year Old Boys 2011.

Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland Toys

tim burton alice in wonderland toys

2011-03-20 S9 JB 35195#

2011-03-20 S9 JB 35195#

Cosplay Leipzig
Leipziger Buchmesse 2011
Leipzig Book Fair 2011

Tristezza (Gaby) as T. Burtons Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

Pictures posted are 1024x683 pixels. If you fave a photo and give me your e-mail address, you will receive a 1500x1000 version. 3000x2000 version for models only, sorry.

Trash the Dress - Alice in Wonderland

Trash the Dress - Alice in Wonderland

Shoot by Orlando Florida Photographer Jenna Michele
Trash the Dress... Alice in Wonderland style

Model Alison Waring. Styling by Tabitha McCausland and Shad Anderson.

tim burton alice in wonderland toys

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what are the hot toys for 2011

diy wood toys

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Steering wheel toys for kids : Neca toys bioshock : Best toys in 2011.

Steering Wheel Toys For Kids

steering wheel toys for kids

Arachnophobia 116/365

Arachnophobia 116/365

Our Daily Challenge "Fear"

This little guy happened to be in the sink this morning as I was cleaning the second sink for a photo of the garbage disposal...what a coincidence! Better that I found it than my husband because that would have become a scene. It's interesting how fearless he can be in general but show him a spider and he 'loses it'. Phobias seem to run in his family, with his mother being deathly afraid of the water, his aunt of chickens, and the list goes on. One time, around Halloween, the kids and I had these realistic looking tarantula toys we were using as props and thought it would be fun to 'surprise' my husband with them by placing them on the steering wheel of his car. Not realizing how serious his phobia was, we didn't believe that he wasn't over reacting when we saw his response - which was only comical for the first few seconds. Needless to say, we felt really bad and won't ever do that again. Even though he knew they weren't real, he couldn't separate his thoughts at the time to effectively deal with it. He explained that his fear of spiders developed over time. There is an overpopulation of them at where he works and being around them hasn't served to desensitize him, like I'd expected. It's a bit of a conundrum as we live in Florida, probably one of the biest places in the country.

Gifts for a Little Kid Long Ago

Gifts for a Little Kid Long Ago

The first gift I ever received from a non-relative. I was about four.

Mrs. Goodman was the wealthy widow of a Dentist who belonged to Los Angeles Country Club, the most exclusive of the era. She drove cars that did not show off her wealth, although she bought luxury. For example, when she died, she owned a plain black Oldsmobile. However, it was the 1954 Olds 98 V-8 formal sedan, the most expensive metal top Oldsmobile available--but very little chrome--in limosine black.

Notice the fog light is off-center on the blue one? You moved that to steer the wheels, unlike more expensive ones that actually turned with the steering wheel. Mine was (still have it) green, though. I'd show its picture, but like most of what I own, it's been 400 miles away for over a year.

steering wheel toys for kids

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100 Best Toys : Hot Toys Custom.

100 Best Toys

100 best toys



the ex-files:
whenever I sit down to write a paper, my thoughts turn to any subject that I'm not supposed to be writing about. tonight, my thoughts have turned to the "ex-files." it's a cheesy term referring to a person's romantic history pre-current relationship, but let's not debate cliched terms.

the issue with ex's is a tricky one for me, not only given the delicate nature of the beginning of my current relationship, but also because I pretty much have no relevant relationships before this one, so any and all of my ex's I am more than happy to be rid of. for that reason, I do not speak to any of my ex's and have trouble understanding why anyone would speak to their ex's unless it was an effort to get back together with them. I also feel a certain threat with ex's that relate to the breakup. was it situational or was it personal? if it was situational, then am I really just someone to settle with for now, because he couldn't be with that person due to distance, now she has a boyfriend, etc.? I'd prefer a personal break-up, of course, because that means things ended because of incompatibility which makes me feel more secure in my own compatibility. but because of the continued communication and friendly talk, the threat of fires being reignited or him thinking about her instead of me seems far more imminent.

I personally feel far more clear-headed when I don't talk to my ex's. in the very rare occasions that I do talk to them, I'm reminded of what I liked about them or I am more conscious of my gut reaction to act like their girlfriend/partner because that was my past role with them. in other words, that's how I interacted with them in the past so that's how I feel like I should interact with them now, whether or not I actually feel anything for them. hence, I like to avoid any contact with them so I won't feel confused as to how to act around them and to remind myself that things ended for a reason. a damn good reason.

but, I do still have that fear of the "friendly ex" and how it affects my status in his mind's eye. I'd like to convince myself that I'm the climax of his relationships to this point, and that I'm obviously the best choice since he's with me, but there's always that sneaking suspicion that he would be with one of them if the situations were different. what an unfortunate thing to think and feel, and inconvenient as well since I'm obviously supposed to be occupied with my paper: "Male, Middle, and Madam: Perspectives on Winslow Homer's The Bridle Path."

nose back to the grindstone. perhaps with these thoughts out of my head and in yours I will be able to write clearly and concisely about feminist issues addressed the work of a 19th century artist.

[100/365] "i can make you SMILE!"



AH IT'S THE 100TH PICTURE! Hai, best friend :D

Time flies so freaking fast.

Sooooo... to sum it up:

- went to class
- went to a peer mentor meeting (I'm going to have a lil' freshmen under my wing ;D)
- bummed around
- finally went back to SG
- went to Boiling Crab w/ Julian
- was told it would be 1.5 hour wait
- went back to the car to watch some HIMYM reruns on my laptop
- drove over to Toys R' Us to buy Scrabble :D
- drove back and waited for another half hour
- finally sat down

Ordered a pound of king crab legs (two legs for $18.99!), fried catfish bucket (w/ cajun fries, yum) and a half dozen of oysters. SUPER messy!! Pretty worth it though :). It was my first time peeling my own crab, so it was fun! Painful, but fun. Would so go back again. This time, a pound of shrimp and crawfish :). A lot cheaper.

Ended up not playing Scrabble :(... but will eventually!

100 best toys

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