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How To Cook Frozen Fish : How To Cook Flank Steak

How To Cook Frozen Fish

how to cook frozen fish

    how to
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Meet Thuan of Macdonald, located in Wal-Mart Milpitas.

Meet  Thuan of Macdonald, located in Wal-Mart Milpitas.

Why I like to go to the wal-mart Milpitas? Not just because their prices are cheaper but they have MacDonald inside;-)) and their The Filet-O-Fish is my favorite if i am hungry and most of the times when I reached there yes i hungry at the times and wish for fish since I can't cook fish:p I have cooked each and every thing in my life but Burger king & MacDonald I did not feel that I have to cook it. Fish just for Once or twice in a month is good for me;-)) In January I have visited Macdonald and that day I have learned in my adulthood some thing that what i always thought was not like I have thought :D that day I realized not only in childhood but in adulthood also we some times think of things different then in real they are. You know people usually say When I was a child I have thought this and that later I came to know this is in reality that or this not what have I thought at first as a child. here first I have something to share from childhood when first time when voice of azan bothers me(As in Pakistan and all Mulsim countries they do ti on very extraordinary Loud speakers(You may understand how loud they would be) I have asked my grand mother what is this? She said, " This is Azan" I asked what Azan? you know byti(child) Allah is calling us for Namza(Prayer) {How do I know Allah that is another interesting story I will tell you in different picture inshaAllah} So from that day I started thinking this is the voice of Allah/God from sky and I never ever feel that this voice is coming from a building all the times. One day I went to Khaniwal to my uncle's home with my mom and my cousin took me to the market and she was buying something in shop and in front of that shop was Masjid(Mosque) I saw a man ( I still have his face in front of my eyes) with black beard wearing black sherwani type dress) and those words of Azan were coming from his mouth. oh is he God?:~O my grand ma told me we can not see the God but I am seeing him:~O fully astonished Bushra had a question and cousin smacked me by sayin hey what are you saying he is a man molvi sahab not God. But dadi(Grand ma) said it's Allah asking us to come to the prayer that means dadi was wrong? :~O:~O:-O and she said yes it is Allah's order but delivered by man not Allah by himself:( and grabbed me from my arm and pulled me with her as I was just willing to see molvi sahab more and she might be afraid people would say hey she don't know Allah?
Now come to the present I came here in United States in 1995 I was I was adult but whenever I have seen menus at any fast food stores I have thought about them they are controlled and changed by computer. Manager should have control and after break fast they changed pictures and prices with one click. You know those boards must be linked to a computer. But that day of January 05, 2011. I have seen an employee or MacDonald is changing that and I was surprised but not as much as I was surprised to see molvi(Muslim priest) azaning not Allah:D) However I have asked him what is the name for that flyer type thing he was changing , he seems surprised with this question but politely he answered that it called Menu. I say thanks to him and told him I have captured him while he was changing that menu and can I take a better picture now and he smiled for my click too you may see. I Asked his name and he wrote his name on a napkin :D since I did not have a paper handy and my date with court January 11 was near and i was not in my self and I lost that napkin with his name on it and many times I thought to post his picture but thinking his name is necessary i have to see him again to know his name which I forgot. Anyways today I visit Wall Mart and they asked me to wait for half & hour . As always I was hungry about 4:15 PM I realized I am just on a cup of tea from morning Thsi morning about 12:30 my morning started and I went to the courtto submit my papers and clerk told me just these documents can't be submitted I have to have declaration with them:9 and I don't know what to write what to request now(((( and for that I just left home earlier. So obviously MacDonald was the best stop in those conditions:D . I again went to my favorite place in Wal Mart :D MacDonald and realized same nice person is on the cash register at first I just hesitate to ask his name but after finishing my burger and fries when I was going back and turned to him, he was listening to an angry customer who was complaining, " Why are you freezing me??where I am sitting it's too cold man:>( And I asked his name again telling him once I have taken his pictures and autograph on a tissue paper but unfortunately lost that lost that:( So he wrote that again saying oh that is Looong time ago. I said yes I do have you in my mind since then:) So today as I have promised him that I am going to post your pictures with my review tonight I am writing this review. I know different then other Riverview but it is my st

right side of the table

right side of the table

tiny shrimp used to substitute salt. Funny story: I got some free tiny shrimp from the market and didn't know what to do so I froze them. We were going to call Mike's mother to ask her how to cook them but before we did that we found out at a restaurant that they were used as a salt substitute. yum.

They have a nice flavor and they also have protein.

how to cook frozen fish

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