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Little Big Denial :(

Little Big Denial :(

Oct 22 Ev and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We didn't have much planned aside from a simple, quiet evening together. Things were going exactly as planned, until The Little Big Planet quest began.

During dinner I made the mistake of mentioning how some friends of ours had managed to pick up copies of the 'recalled' version of Little Big Planet. I knew I was in trouble when my Ev's eyes instantly lit up, and she responded with a fury of questions. She wanted to know the when, the how and the where people were getting copies of the game. That evening set of a spiral of events that spanned three days, over a dozen stores, and countless disappointments.

After dinner, we drove from store to store, from Blockbuster to Blockbuster, FYE to FYE, and every single LBP chance-seller in-between. While many places we visited were more than happy to show us their copies of the game, not a single store was willing to sell us one. They gave a multitude of excuses, such as: "The game has a song about Jihad", "it is offensive to Koreans", "it has been discontinued", and lastly "its not been gotten has shipped to us...it's not out" (that one was mumbled by a Circuit City employee).

On Saturday when we learned that Gamestop was getting copies of LBP in we visited every location within a 15 mile radius. GameStops are spreading like a virus around here, because we didn't have to travel more than five minutes to get from one store to another. It was futile attempt however, as each store barraged us for not pre-ordering the game and had us walking out the door feeling like second class citizens.

At this point, I could handle the rejection no more, and pleaded with Ev to just call the quest off. The game would be out in a matter of days for non-pre-order-ers like ourselves, couldn't we please just let it go for now? She reluctantly agreed, but by then the disappointment had taken it's toll on our souls.

Now we sit patiently waiting for the game to ship through normal channels so we can get our LBP on. I knew before we even began our search that quests like these often end in disappointment, but Ev was naively full of optimism and eager to try.

My question to everyone today is, how many 'gaming quests' like this have you gone on? What was it for, and how did they end up?

Hopefully you guys had better luck with your quests than we did.

Nintendo Game and Watch

Nintendo Game and Watch

A quick pic of my 26 year old Nintendo Game & Watch handheld toy (bought in 1983).

I believe this is the first game that featured Mario's with his brother Luigi.

It's fully working, absolutely mint, complete with box and manual...

No, its not for sale!

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