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Gold Dealers In Usa

gold dealers in usa

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Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

The station wagon, the tow truck, the garbage truck and the bulldozer. Every manner of machinery that moves is riotously depicted in this classic favorite. As the pig family head to the beach for a picnic, they encounter every vehicle known, from the forklift to the locomotive, and many vehicles that are not as common, from the pumpkin car to the broom-o-cycle. Each detailed spread provides tremendous opportunity to make up stories and describe situations. Will Officer Flossy catch Dingo? Will Rollo Rabbit catch his runaway steamroller? And with literally hundreds of things to look at, youngsters will spend hours trying to find Goldbug on every page.

Although this book was around when many of today's parents were youngsters, it has remained a steadfast must-have in every toddler's library. For starters, it's a great vocabulary guide that names the many things that go (and some that haven't a prayer of going, but are great fun to imagine anyway). It's also teeming with detail-rich scenes and characters on every page, teaching children the rewards of looking long and closely (such as finding the hidden "Goldbug" in each spread). Along the way it entertains with the silly and slapstick--everything from toothpaste and toothbrush cars to six fire department vehicles that show up to extinguish a ladybug-size fire in a miniature pink convertible. What's most amazing about this book, however, is its longevity. When you purchase it for your fledgling talker, you should consider it an investment. Even 11-, 12-, and 13-year-olds are known to pore over the book nostalgically, cooing at Lowly Worm and eagerly tracking Officer Flossie's book-long chase after that irresponsible, speedster driver in a cowboy hat. (Ages 2 and older) --Gail Hudson

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Chor Bazar Faces Introduction

Chor Bazar Faces Introduction

This is a short segment a set at Flickr of faces that you get to see at Chor Bazar flea market, beware take their permission before you shoot them , as they take offense it is against the religion to be photographed , so say the very conservative.

Some of these pictures are a bit shaky as I did not seek permission and shot them rapidly..
The Chor Bazar is a haven for buyers and sellers , the Chor Bazar that you see on Friday,.

On Friday the main shops are closed so the hawkers and vendors sell their wares on the lanes that make up Chor Bazar, basically two, Mutton Street and Chimna Butcher street .

I have had a very god relationship with the denizens of Chor Bazar, and if you use the camera as I use it , you will see the poetry of life dramatically wanting to be seen and noticed..Its a pity I stopped visiting Chor Bazar , this was my Friday regimen I first went to the Kamatipura Flea market than walked barefeet to Chor Bazar..

I am well known in this area is an understatement, I am a human antique shop myself , I do not wish to sound boastful what I wear as jewelry on my body maybe perhaps one of its kind only.. I took pains to design it, and I am not a jewelry designer , I am not any thing I pretend to be I am a hoax but my shadow calls me original.

My poems too are constructed from recycled words , my pictures are ordinary, I saw them placed on the streets , you saw them too, but I captured them with the vision and imagery of a poet ..a photographer bought up on technique, Fucked F Stops maybe brilliant with his shots but may lack poetry in some cases.

Street Photography for me is the Mother and Soul of Poetry of Lifes Human Comedy , yes I have been bought up on Balzac Dostovesky Dickens writers who used the camera of their minds to describe their characters and the lanes they wrote about, that is why even after their death they are remembered...I call them photographer novelists.

Chor Bazar is not a haven of Thieves , yes stolen goods come here to be sold and mind you everyone gives hafta for the activities they do, this is the soul of the Indian street ethos Corruption.

When I was on my drinking diet , I would sit with a can of beer and watch the deals the Chor Bazar road sellers cracked , Firoze Gold Tooth my chor bazar friend and road side shop keeper has seen those days of my life , and they were sad elusive days without Hope.Though I have not touched a drop since 10 years or more.

During the Friday Namaz time a few road side guys shut their shop and go for their prayers ,there is brisk business after namaz and at about 6 pm they start folding up.

Mostly the unsold goods are taken away by the Chor Bazar shop keepers that will be sold as a lot to another Friday road side seller .. this is life of the street bazar.

There are very rich guys here at Chor Bazar, guys who have visited Italy France USA UK and their trips , are like going for a monthly home town visit.

There are guys from all over the world who come to buy antiques , but there are guys from Zurich who come to buy the stuff sold on the road.

Now because the road side stuff sells like hot cakes , the big dealers loan their unsold stuff from their shops to these guys.. This is Chor Bazar and nobody will tell you the intricacies as I tell you..this is a world apart and now beware this is a Nasha an addiction , if it touches you , you cant give it up at all.

My mother loved the Chor Bazar and would wander through the lanes , but would avoid the lanes I visited.. my mother Shamim Shakir without a camera came here to get peace of mind from hectic domestic chores 7 kids and a wayward husband , finally after she ate khichda she would go to Hazrat Abbas's Dargah at Pala Gully and become one with the spirituality within.

There was a time I was so obsessed with Chor Bazar I would tell Firoze Gold Tooth my friend that if I died my last wish was that my Janaza be carried through the lanes of this unique area and I thought a kindly god listens to a poets plea would see that I died on a Friday flea market day...so I could see all my friends one last time.. and I knew I did not owe any money to the Chor Bazar dealers ..I could write a short story here but of late my daughter has taken up the task of filmy story writing . I am sure she will do a great job .

This post was just a few lines but I have expanded it like a Google Buzz Blog.,

But one last thing I must add there are urchin kids predominantly Muslims who scavenge the area I shot a picture of a group of urchins , and there was pretty pretty girl , I never ever saw her again yes Chor Bazar is a land of distant dreams and sad memories.

Manjula Singh commented on your wall post:

"Thanks Firoze. Your photo blogs are awesome!"

And I dedicate it to my Facebook friend Manjula Singh


The Coliseum

The Coliseum

The Coliseum. 1896. Oil on panel. Private Collection, USA.

He is in the highest sense a superficial artist. It was this quality that was to bring down on Alma-Tadema the wrath of Bloomsbury. . . . When treating historical subjects, Alma-Tadema chose either a minor incident or a moment of repose and contemplation. Not for him the heights of emotion or dramatic action. He never painted a battle scene, although he did paint one assassinated Roman emperor. He painted the Colosseum, but concentrated on the audience and the architecture rather than gladiators or wild beasts devouring Christians. — Christopper Wood (119)
Lawrence Alma-Tadema was a Dutch artist who exhibited in Britain from the mid 1860s and became a resident in 1870. His paintings are vivid realisations of scenes from classical life and history.

He received his art training in Antwerp at the Academy under Baron Gustave Wappers and from 1859 in the atelier of Baron Leys. Leys encouraged him to develop realism and immediacy in his paintings, and criticised one of them: 'That is not my idea of a table. I want one that everyone knocks their knees to pieces on' (Swanson, 1977). In 1863, Tadema made a honeymoon visit to Italy. He was deeply impressed by Pompeii and abandoned subjects from Merovingian History in favour of more appealing Roman genre scenes.

In 1864 the art dealer Gambart first saw Alma-Tadema's work and was deeply impressed, giving the artist major commissions. Tadema's paintings began to appear in Gambart's 'French Gallery' in London and in 1869 he first exhibited in the Royal Academy. In 1870 he moved to London. British patronage and the disruption of the French art world by the Franco Prussian War decided him against Paris.

From the mid 1860s he had gained many European awards and honours including a second class medal in the 1867 Paris Exposition Universelle. After 1870 he was honoured in Britain. He became an Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society in 1873 and a member in 1875, an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1876 (declaring 'I feel officially employed as an Englishman,'ibid.), and a Royal Academician in 1879.

He was knighted in 1899 and awarded the Order of Merit in 1905. In 1882, the year of his one-man exhibition at the Grosvenor Gallery, he took Tissot's old house in St John's Wood. Here he lived in classical opulence, installing an aluminium ceiling in his studio which filled his paintings with a brilliant silvery light, and a brazen staircase reputed to be of solid gold. The best modern study of the artist is the monograph (1977) by Vern G. Swanson, who [in 1990] published a catalogue raisonne of Alma-Tadenia's work.

gold dealers in usa

gold dealers in usa

Day of the Dead in the USA: The Migration and Transformation of a Cultural Phenomenon (Latinidad: Transnational Cultures in the United States)

The tribute, "el Dia de los Muertos," has become popular since the 1970s when Latino activists and artists in America began expanding "Day of the Dead" north of the border with public, and often artistic, expressions. Regina M. Marchi combines ethnography, historical research, oral history, and cultural analysis to explore the transformations that occur when the tradition is embraced by the mainstream. Day of the Dead in the USA provides insight into the power of ritual to create community, transmit oppositional messages, and advance educational, political, and economic goals.

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