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Car Key Spy Camera : Best Hdd Video Camera.

Car Key Spy Camera

car key spy camera

    spy camera
  • A hidden camera is a still or video camera used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.

    car key
  • A key is an instrument that is used to operate a lock. A typical key consists of two parts: the blade, which slides into the keyway of the lock and distinguishes between different keys, and the bow, which is left protruding so that torque can be applied by the user.

  • An unlocking device for the ignition switch, doors, trunk, gas cap, etc.

car key spy camera - Solar Panel

Solar Panel LED Flashlight Mini Torch Key Chain

Solar Panel LED Flashlight Mini Torch Key Chain

·3 ultra-bright white light LEDs designed for long-range illumination
·Capable of illuminating objects a long distance away
·Highly portable with its compact design and lightweight material, great companion for business travelers and international students
·Energy-efficient and environment-friendly, low power requirements
·Mercury-free and safe for children, no more accidental poisonings
·Cool lighting, no more fire hazards caused by heat build-up
·Durable and dependable, long operating life
·One power button
·Light Intensity: 15000 MCD
·In-built battery: 45 mAh
·Capable of transferring sunlight into electric power and storing it in the in-built Lithium battery
·Available in classic black, strawberry red, apple green, lemon yellow and ocean blue!
·Fashionable, portable, rechargeable and affordable!
·Ideal for hiking, camping, picnic and explorations into the wilderness

81% (15)

Cheers to you from Starbucks: Coffee shops 2008, #15

Cheers to you from Starbucks: Coffee shops 2008, #15

Met Rick for coffee at the Starbucks in Towson that is on York Road, right next to the Towson University campus, and it is always packed and the drive-through is almost always full of four or five cars, at least. And I pulled right in and got a spot as someone was pulling out!

Rick is one of the most risk-taking, take a chance to do something good and make a difference guys I know, and we had a good coffee/planning/assessing meeting, brainstorming potential ways he can serve his community based on an assessment of needs in the community done by the community. It involved a legal pad, a yellow hi-lighter and overlapping circles that showed the greater the overlap in the center between the two, the more needs are being met. I think better when I can draw things out on a pad or a napkin then give it to someone to draw/write on it, too. That's what we were doing. It was fun. A lot of the time I get paid to have fun. Honest.

Risk taking gives me a lot of energy, and it is always a high energy time hanging out with him. Plus he bought - coffee for him, and a Tazo Zen green tea for me. Nice!

He is also one of the fastest typists I have ever seen - it's like something out of a movie. He can look right at you, engage in conversation and take verbatim notes on his laptop on everything that is being discussed, and do it in real time. I am not kidding.

When I tried typing like that for this post, just hitting keys with all my fingers as fast as he actually types/keyboards, I erased everything I had written up to that point, so I'm not going to try it again. Doh!

I'm ducking into the shot because the way this Starbucks is configured, with glass on two sides, I had to set up the camera on the Gorillapod on another table across an aisle to get the natural light and not use the flash, then finally gripping it onto the back of a chair, making people start and stop when they realized what I was doing - or more accurately, trying to do. This was the best of four, and some people were having fun with it, too. At least that's what I'm deciding to project anyway, in a kind of "that's my story and I'm sticking to it" kind of way.

A good time together with a really good guy, good tea, and definitely some good dreams/plans that if they come true, even partially realized, will make a difference. Tough to beat and a great way to finish the day. I went back to The Hive, turned in some paperwork, and was out the door and on the way home by 5:15 p.m. Ahhhhhhhh . . . !

Starbucks York Road at the edge of the Towson U campus, Towson, Maryland.

gotta laugh

gotta laugh

Finally got out to do some photography, but what a course of unfortunate events. I drove out to a nice trail, got out to start my hike and guess what. I locked my keys in the car, my first ... dam it! Had a couple choices, call a cab or take a 3 1/2 hour hike home with a tripod. And not a light weight tripod. I took the hike, at least I could do some photography, and get lots of exercise. Well the weather wasn't to nice so the thought of taking cover under a tree never left my mind. The rain held off and the camera came out. At the side of the road focusing on my subject a fence post, I hear a car slowly pulling up. Well it wasn't someone stoping to ask for directions, it was an O.P.P. police officer and he did ask me lots of questions. First he ask what are you doing, looking at my camera I said ... ah photography. Next he ask what are you photographing, I looked around and said ... nature. The first two questions were not difficult, but then the more difficult ones came. Who are you working for and where do you live, that was it I had to ask if I had done something wrong. The officers reply was, no not yet just taking security precaution for I was photographing near police headquarters. It came out in further conversation that I may have been a Hell’s Angels spy taking strategic photos of the police station. After a couple of laughs I assured the officer that I was a good boy, and on my way once again. Many hours later I finally did get home, and yes that cold beer did go down real nice. Looking back only to laugh at the events of the day, feeling like a fool about the keys, getting more exercise than I really wanted, also being pulled over by the O.P.P. and I wasn't even driving a car. Ha, gotta love a good laugh.

car key spy camera

car key spy camera

Spy Car Remote/Key DVR with Motion Detector

This key chain car remote fob will easily blend in anywhere; only you will know that it is actually a DVR recording sight and sound. The faux pop-out key aids in the illusion it is a real key and also covers the USB port and micro SD card slot. It is perfect for covert surveillance, such as keeping an eye on the babysitter, watching what employees are doing, etc.

Our Spy Car Remote/Key DVR with Motion Detector DVR DVRS818 has several different recording options: regular recording of sight and sound with the push of a button, still-picture camera or motion detector. The motion detection feature allows you to record only when something is happening- saving battery life and memory. The Spy Car Remote/Key DVR can also be used as a web cam. The recordings are saved to a 4 GB micro SD card (this 4GB card is included but the unit will support up to 16GB). Video recording resolution is 720 x 480 AVI format at 30 FPS. The resolution of the still pictures is 2560 x 1920.

Just connect the remote to the USB port on your computer and you are ready to see the video with Windows Media Player or pictures using your favorite JPG viewer. A CD with web cam drivers, instruction manual and a USB cable to connect to a computer are all included (the DVRS818 will be recharged every time it is pled into a computer; the built in battery has a working time of approximately 90 minutes). The key chain measures 2 and 3/4 inches x 1 and 3/8 inches x 1/2 inch.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to check all State, Local and Federal Laws governing the use of video Spy (hidden) cameras (with or without audio) before ordering and/or using hidden or covert video and/or audio surveillance equipment.

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