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High School Hockey Forum

high school hockey forum

    high school
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High School Prom, Kevin & Stephanie, 1984

High School Prom, Kevin & Stephanie, 1984

My prom date in 1984 as seniors attending North Miami Beach Senior High School. I had waited quite a long time to ask anyone to the prom, and although I had a really really strong THING for Stephanie since 10th grade, I felt for sure she already had a date. Well, when she didn't, I asked her, and she said "yes"! These pictures were taken at her house in North Miami Beach. She ended up marrying an old friend of mine from our Ives Estates Optimist sports days, has a couple of kids, and last I know is living in Atlanta. Got to love her chocker (which I really do love!)...and my HAIR! Yikes. What was I thinking....

high school hockey forum

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