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How to loose weight fast at home - Extreme weight loss workouts.

How To Loose Weight Fast At Home

how to loose weight fast at home

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Part 3...But when I’m in the wild and the wind is blowing a hole right through your body…….food takes on a whole new meaning……A big bowl of grits and pan fried spam and tons of butter…

Part 3...But when I’m in the wild and the wind is blowing a hole right through your body…….food takes on a whole new meaning……A big bowl of grits and pan fried spam and tons of butter…

When you are mountain climbing snow covered steep peaks you use the adze part of your ice ax to cut steps, or you kick steps with your boots.
After we sank into the deep soft snow the first thing I did …. (Well after laughing at myself for not thinking) was to wiggle legroom, then kicking my boots in a step at a time.
Frankie and I got out of our holes in short time but still face the daunting task of packing the snow enough to setup a tent.
With the gray matter between our ears starting to perform much better after we sank into the snow, we dawned on our snow shoes and began goose stepping all about the grounds packing the loose snow every step we took. After climbing almost to the top of the mountain in -32 degree weather, this task was very tiresome and time-consuming.

I went for the extra weight of my three person tent for the sake of more room equals comfort to me, I’m quite large…..(so they say)…..;p
I remember lying down after we had just set up the tent, a bit short of breath from all that goose stepping, but it was just a short break.
Let’s cook a proper meal, I said to Frankie as we broke out our cooking gear. By this time we were pretty proficient in firing up the whisperlite stove and melting snow.
When you have spent as much time in the wilderness as I have, no matter how raw life is out here, how rudimentary things are, your tent your shelter is your home
And a sense of peace and comfort comes over you. You are safe now and you can rest and relax now…….your home…

I got that feeling of a past life, perhaps ten thousand years ago I was in a nomadic tribe, and we traveled constantly following the animals and the seasons in the Sun.
We counted the full moons keeping track of time, and how the light of the day grows and shortens. We hunted and gathered food and dried the excess for
The long cold dark days. When we put up our shelters we……… were home….

My body was craving carbohydrates and I wanted it all and hot to fill my belly and warm my bones.
Frankie and I made a huge pot of pasta and we used a cheesy Alfredo sauce to boot……..Fats and carbs…..and hot tea …..that’s the life for me…
Now I love fine foods I love great restaurants…..a lovely glass of a rich heavy bodied red wine……
But when I’m in the wild and the wind is blowing a hole right through your body…….food takes on a whole new meaning……A big bowl of grits and pan fried spam and tons of butter…
THAT’S right……he said SPAM…..that dirty little four letter word……..spam…spam………..spam…..
Partly defatted fatty pork fat potted meat food product…….say that three times real fast all greatness will come to you….

Hikers were passing by going to the top and hikers were coming down telling us to summit, that the view was great……….
Now if I was a younger man my hormones and ego would rule my life…… (Still)….
We were shot and Frankie talked about this…..should we summit? Perhaps after we rested….perhaps in the morning…
We were the only people climbing with full packs; I felt I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else, I just wanted Frankie to feel good about our effort too.
Frankie agreed that he felt we accomplished a great deed, an alpine accent to thirty minutes from the summit with full packs in -32 weather…

As the sun was setting cold came in, like nothing I have ever experienced before. I had the Black Diamond Dark Star sleeping bag rated at -20.
Frankie had the equivalent in the Mountain Hardware gear. With our belly’s full and we kept melting snow and drinking warm juices and tea, we settled in for the night.
My muscles were so sore and stiff and my mummy bag all zipped up I couldn’t move. Now we all know I have claustrophobic issues anyway, my muscles throbbing and stiff
I thought I was going to go insane; I had to get out of the bag. Blessed be Frankie he was snoring so loud a good sign he was out…..As for me I really don’t sleep much anyway,
I relaxed with good breathing exercises and stretching, at the end I would just stay halfway in the bag unzipped and I was fine.

As the sun started to brighten up the night sky I could see it had been snowing in our tent…..Oh My…..!!!
Did I forget to close the tent….No wonder I froze my ass off……..
As the cog started to turn in my head and the cobwebs were clearing………..Aha……
You can get dehydrated just by breathing, when you are outside and the fog that is created when you exhale is moisture leaving your body.


The sun greeted us as we packed our gear, Frankie and I felt satisfied in our journey…
We headed back down the mountain not conquering the summit but we survived the harsh weather.

…….And I felt good……I knew that I would…..I felt nice…….all sugar and spice……………

Scene of devastation at Kellogg Field - only two crewman escaped this blazing Marauder, one seriously injured

Scene of devastation at Kellogg Field - only two crewman escaped this blazing Marauder, one seriously injured

Accident report January 8, 1944 Kellogg AAB Battle Creek MI

It was a clear crisp morning very little wind a good day for flying.

The crew loaded, usual procedures complete we rolled to the runway.

Our take off was smooth, we climbed to set altitude. Levelled off.

Approximately 20 minutes into our mission we lost our left engine, prop was feathered and radio contact was made ith the base.

We turned back to back, pilot made normal approach to the runway.

As we passed over the parade area the upturned faces of the soldiers were very visible.

Estimated that we were at altitude of 850 foot plus or minus and looking great.

The tower called and told the pilot that he was coming down wind, circle and come into the wind.

Pilot attempted to pull up, with only one engine, we were unable to regain altitude and be able to complete the circle, we were losing altitude fast, we are now over timber.

It field like we were just mushing through the air, radio operator said “Hold on back there”.

Suddenly we took the top off a row of trees and suddenly we contacted the ground, bounced and at next contact, the secton aft of the rear bomb bay rolled about 50 feet to the right of the crash path before stopping.

From the above mentioned bulkhead, forward to the wings, for a better word, the plane just DESINTIGRATED.

It had just come apart around the pilot and co pilot, and the radio compartment.

Ornelas and I were in the waist gun area when the section stopped, I opened the door leading to the aft bomb bay and was greeted by a wall of fire.

I closed door very quick, told Ornelas “Let’s get out of here”.

I exited through the compartment window onto an auxiliary gas tank.

Ornelas was having difficulties in getting out of the opening.

I seen that ring on his harness was hung on the gun mount, I pulled it loose and helped him through the opening, this caused weight increased on the gas tank and it collapsed causing me to fall into the edge of the opening cracking vertically the nose bone, but Ornelas was out, having trouble standing, and complained of pain and weakness in his back.

I helped him s safe distance away from the wreckage and set him down at the base of a tree.

Then I start the search for any other survivors.

I noticed a man coming from a house.

In a loud voice I asked him return to the house and notify the base, he turned and hurried back.

I then located the pilot and co pilot, they were lying in the crash parth side by side, I covered their bodies with a parachute.

Radioman and bombardier were found a short distance down the crash path.

The Flight engineer was the only one that appeared to have been thrown out of the aircraft.

I located his body by scuff marks in the snow – he had been thrown 70 feet away from the plane and about 40 ffet left of the crash path.

Unknown to me the Gene Tappans had put Ornelas in the back seat of their car.

Ambulance arrived, Ornelas was loaded, after answering questions by Martin Representative and a Army Captain, I was put in the Ambulance with Ornelas and transported to the base hospital.

Ornelas was moved to X Ray, it was the last I seen of him.

I was checked over, a bandage put on my nose briefly and placed in a room with two gold bricks.

Base personnel had notified my wife and brought her to the hospital.

The medic advised us that I would be held over night for observation.

After what seemed a very short time they returned me to a room and let me convince Edythe that I was all right and time for a good night kiss with a warm embrace.

They returned her home, I often wondered how she felt alone at the apartment.

Next morning I was released and sent to my squadron.

1st Sgt handed me paper for a seven day emergency leave.

My thoughts re the Crash.

The Tower OP orders, and the fact that our pilot obeyed them, opened the door for a horrible string of deaths, and that’s my five cents.

how to loose weight fast at home

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