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Buy Baby Mattress

buy baby mattress

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buy baby mattress - L.a. Baby

L.a. Baby Double Comfort 2-in-1 Orthopedic Crib Mattress

L.a. Baby Double Comfort 2-in-1 Orthopedic Crib Mattress

2-in-1orthopedic style Cotton layer topper Ortho Insulator pad Air vents keep the mattress fresh Continuous 242 heat tempered innerspring coils of heavy 15.5 gauge steel for maximum durability & support # Heavy-gauge border wire for extra strength and side support Triple laminated cover is anti bacterial, non-toxic and waterproof 3 Layers of padding on both sides, plus an additional 4th layer on toddler side Infant side gives the firmest support for an infant Toddler side gives firm support with convoluted foam comfort Cloth binding Meets current Federal Flame Standards Dimensions: 27.75" x 51.87" x 5.87" Made in the USA

77% (6)

Crazy Crib

Crazy Crib

In Maine, we have this "discount and salavage" store chain called Marden's. They often buy things from bankrupt stores or damaged items from fires, hurricanes, etc and resell them at huge discounts.

On saturday they had this AMAZING round crib. The photo doesn't do it justice. The sign on it reads:
-- Crib $543.00
-- Linens $644.00
--Mattress $47.00
-- Set $1234.00

Now, a) we already have a crib and b) we don't know the gender of our baby and its awfully "girly" and c) we don't have $1200 to spend on a crib even if a and b were not true, but -- WOW.

What scares me, really, is that the Marden's price is $1200+. Normally (although not always) Marden's is about 50 - 70% off retail price. I shudder to think how much the retail price was on this.

And its on wheels!

Mattress for Baby Cot $65

Mattress for Baby Cot $65

Matress for Baby Cot with Mattress Protector as bonus

Excellent spotless condition - has always been used with Mattress Protector.

Please do not compare this with foam only mattress available at Target/Big W. This Mattress was bought from Baby Bunting - it has inner spring which makes it more durable and comfortable. A new mattress like this would cost $120 plus.

Measurement: Length 130 cm; Width 70 cm

buy baby mattress

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