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Carter Clothes For Babies - How Long Is A Baby Considered A Newborn - Baby Boy Nurseries

Carter Clothes For Babies

carter clothes for babies

    for babies
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SOLD! Bundle Sale of Toddler Gal Clothes (12 -24 mths)

SOLD! Bundle Sale of Toddler Gal Clothes (12 -24 mths)

- Pre-owned but still in wearable condition
- Condition ranges from 6/10 - 8/10
- Assorted mix of brands like Osh Kosh, Life Baby, Old Navy, Circo etc.
- Selling this set as a bundle (note that the 2 pieces of pink striped dresses are not available and so not included in this bundle)
- Prefer not for fussies
- Self-Collect at Queenstown MRT

[Still have lots of other pre-owned nice branded toddler clothings not posted up yet (e.g. Esprit, Gymboree, Carter's Ralph Lauren etc). If keen, can arrange for viewing and selection]

Appliqued Green Apple Baby Short/Long Sleeve Onesie or Tshirt

Appliqued Green Apple Baby Short/Long Sleeve Onesie or Tshirt

A new Carter's 100% cotton short sleeve onesie has been appliqued with a fabric patch of a green and white checkerboard apple hanging from a branch. The fabric was fused to the onsie and then stitched for durability. Slight fraying may occur around the edges to add to that original look!

carter clothes for babies

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